Greenbelt 1 Closes Its Doors

Greenbelt 1

Greenbelt 1’s four-decade-long reign ends, reopening in 2028 to feature the world’s leading luxury fashion brands and revamped shopping experiences.

Toki Provides A Newfound Platform For Collectibles


Toki lends a helping hand in sourcing and obtaining sought-after items dealt on its virtual market. Recognized as the Philippines’ first collectible-focused re-commerce platform, the organization spearheads the exchange through reliable product offerings sourced from credible sellers, eluding the rigorous process of having to locate items and investigate their legitimacy. A product of creative wordplay, […]

Good Old Days 3 Welcomes Flavors of the Past

Good Old Days 3

ICYMI, Good Old Days returned, as its third rendition further embraced the beloved local vintage-culture community with open arms that don’t seem to be closing anytime soon. Setting up shop in a newfound space, the halls of the Metrotent Convention Center, Pasig City, were filled with flavorful expression, leaving a sweet and exciting aftertaste of […]

A.P.C. Formally Opens its Doors in Manila

A.P.C. In Manila

1987 French apparel and accessories manufacturer Atelier de Production et de Création (A.P.C.) breaks ground in Manila, setting up shop at Makati’s Rockwell Power Plant Mall through a curated wardrobe, embracing the sleek everyday ready-to-wear aesthetic. Instagram: @apc_paris Engulfed in the deliberately open showroom is a mix of premier staple pieces, accessories, and A.P.C.’s newest […]

Why the Nike Vomero 5 is Arguably the Next Dad Shoe

Nike Vomero 5

In recent history, the term “chunky” can often be tied to the choice of footwear. Although it may not always be the definitive option, certain silhouettes have emerged in the everyday rotation of the youth as the go-to pair that subtly culminates the entirety of a fit. A rebrand if you’d distinguish it, bulky sneakers […]

G-Shock MR-G Launches in the Philippines

G-Shock Mr-G

Unrivaled Japanese craftsmanship infused with modernized technology, G-Shock’s MR-G model resurrects, paying homage to its pioneer. Birthed in 1981 by Casio’s head of watch design, Engineer Kikuo Ibe looked to transcend the fragility aspect of the everyday accessory, building a line grounded on durability and ability to withstand the naturals. Since its inception in 1983, […]

MSCHF’s Microscopic Handbag is Up for Auction

MSCHF Microscopic Handbag

From debuting the alleged Vans’ Wavy Baby dupes to the WD-40 industrial lubricant cologne, MSCHF has made its mark on the fashion scene with its unorthodox pieces. After the Big Red Boot, the Brooklyn collective introduces its “Small Green Bag” in all of its parodic nature. MSCHF’s microscopic handbag encapsulates the shrinking luxury handbag movement […]

Café City Club: A Love Letter to Metropolitan Manila

May CafeCity thumbnail 1

What does modern Manileño menswear look like? Homegrown, multifaceted brand Café City Club, established by visionary Marvin Conanan, hopes to provide pieces woven with intricate storytelling to guide the gentlemen of today. Inspired by Metro Manila culture, the Filipino creative studio is a very personal passion project to “[channel] my personal stories, history, and understanding […]

Must-See Vintage Flea Festivities in May

Must-See Vintage Flea Festivities in May

Vintage flea festivities aplenty With the culmination of the vintage mecca in the Philippines last April, more events continue to spawn, subtly describing a Whac-A-Mole phenomenon. Global fashion trends expedite the demand for timeless apparel pieces, with curated stores offering a unique selection of products—each unmatched by the last. What makes the vintage-transacting process remarkable […]