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Good Old Days 3 Welcomes Flavors of the Past

Good Old Days 3
James Francisco

ICYMI, Good Old Days returned, as its third rendition further embraced the beloved local vintage-culture community with open arms that don’t seem to be closing anytime soon. Setting up shop in a newfound space, the halls of the Metrotent Convention Center, Pasig City, were filled with flavorful expression, leaving a sweet and exciting aftertaste of what’s to follow.

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Organized by Season Pass and TMP Productions, their largest one-day gathering to date presented the coming together of kindred spirits under one roof—(literally) coming shoulder to shoulder while roaming its merchants, each with a curated collection unique from the next. 

Complex Philippines was at the scene, taking a step into yesterday, experiencing what it means to be part of the Good Old Days.

Overflowing with vintage culture

“Vintage” may be stricken with a “saturated” outlook, given the rise of its popularity in recent years. Regardless of this definition, the magic lies within the multitudes of racks and bins with one-of-a-kind pre-loved pieces that are ready to see the light of day once more. 

Migrating to a new venue invites repeat and first-time merchants to spearhead the festivities with their unique twists and purchasable goods. Compared to its previous 86 tenants, the newly improved Good Old Days caters to more than 100 booths that showcase their vintage arsenal and undying love for the past.

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Among the curators on the floor, Ancienmnl’s 2001 Sade Lovers Rock Summer 2001 Tour Parking Lot Bootleg was personally a gem sitting in plain sight. Slated with a heart-wrenching price tag, the piece screams the legendary legacy of the Nigerian-born British singer—one of the many treasures that patiently awaited new ownership at the venue.

Good Old Days 3 supplemented the recollecting through a space unbounded by its pre-loved apparel expectations. From home furniture to accessories to pop-up tattoo parlors and interactive fingerboard ramps, the four corners encapsulated a time machine-like experience reminiscent of yesterday’s rich culture and vibrant lifestyle.

A community bound to stay

Following an afternoon of rummaging through the labyrinth of goodies may result in a craving for a hearty meal. The Metrotent Convention Center’s terrace housed several vendors, catering to various tastes and flavors. More than just the Good Old Days’ Food Hall, the extension represented a haven for connection and conversation while sharing a communal love for vintage.

Good Old Days 3, TMP Industries

While Doze’s evergreen beats echoed the loudest throughout the afternoon, eventgoers were brought to a standstill as the main attractions took the stage. From Beau 92 to the three-headed collective of O SIDE MAFIA, attendees continuously flocked to the rear end of the venue to witness the unique sounds and electric persona of the Good Old Days’ debutants and returning performers. The crowd’s roars complemented their fledging appeal, noting their contributions to the Filipino hip-hop scene.

The event’s turnout evidenced a movement synonymous with Filipino street fashion and pop culture. Whether through Season Pass’ flea market pop-ups or other community-based endeavors, Good Old Days culminates a gathering of decades in the making, bound through timeless interactions and nostalgia.

The event hopes to attract “more inclusivity on different communities within the Philippines and more in-depth conversations about sustainability as well as setting the tone of the event as somewhat a space for nostalgia & appreciation of the creativity of every garment/piece made from the past,” Season Pass Co-Founder Lean Torres tells Complex Philippines.

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