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AXE Places The Finest In A Blind Smell Test

AXE placed four local talents with the finest taste into a blind smell test featuring the NEW AXE Fine Fragrance Collection.
blind smell test
James Francisco

AXE has been around for so long that we all have memories of the iconic brand. For most of us, AXE was our first touchpoint in the world of fragrances. It carried us through high school when peer pressure, puppy love, and the whirlwind that was puberty meant we needed a burst of confidence at times.

But as the purveyors matured, so did their preferences. That’s why AXE has decided to introduce its newest, freshest, and most grown-up version yet in the NEW AXE Fine Fragrance Collection. Featuring three new scents—Blue Lavender, Aqua Bergamot, and Emerald Sage—this latest release was crafted to level with and even smell finer than perfumes. Together with Complex Philippines, AXE decided to put their claim to the test.

AXE tapped four personalities with the finest tastes to see if the collection could hold up against the market’s increasingly refined noses. First up are content creators David Guison and Leila Alcasid, who have each built a name on their lifestyle picks and recommendations. Next is budding actor Mavy Legaspi, who carries a clean and cool aesthetic at all times. Last but certainly not least is hip-hop star Al James, whose music is the toast of Manila’s vibrant nightlife scene.

All four were placed in a blind smell test to see if they would prefer the NEW AXE Fine Fragrance Collection over an unnamed expensive perfume. There were no traces of AXE branding or materials during the test, nor signs of which fragrance was which. This allowed the subjects to judge based on scent alone. Their picks were only revealed to them after the test.

David Guison
Leila AXE

So how did NEW AXE Fine Fragrance Collection fair in the blind smell test? Choosing Blue Lavender, as the ever-humble David Guison jokingly puts it, “It gives off ‘rich guy vibes’… like me,” while adding that it “smells like success.” The same fragrance was described as “cool and breezy” by Mavy Legaspi, with an “everlasting scent you will remember.” A bonus was the nostalgic vibe, with Mavy sharing he could’ve used a little more confidence boost with the ladies back in the day.

Meanwhile, Al James and Leila Alcasid were team Emerald Sage, with Al James preferring its “citrus” scent. On the other hand, Leila picked the fragrance because it reminded her of her boyfriend, also a premium name in the industry.

“[My boyfriend] is confident, and has good taste for sure. Someone who likes to dress up nicely, maybe a little bit artistic as well?” said the upbeat Leila. “[Emerald Sage] really reminds me of him. I like it a lot.”

Al James

While all four landed on an AXE fragrance, they overestimated the collection’s price tag. Before the price reveal, David, Mavy, Leila, and Al James assumed the scents were more expensive than the SRP of P315, with the highest bid going to Mavy at a guess of P10,000. 

“It’s kind of a level-up from what I’m used to,” says Leila. It’s a sentiment shared by David Guison. “I really thought it was premium, like a luxury brand,” says David. 

The lifestyle content creator adds “The typical AXE Man for me is very refined. He’s leveled up and more premium, and I think that’s what everyone wants,” garnering unanimous approval from the group.

Judging by the reactions from the people with the finest taste, Blue Lavender,  Aqua Bergamot, and Emerald Sage have earned their place in the world of fine fragrances. If their word isn’t enough, watch the entire film above or try out the NEW AXE Fine Fragrance Collection for yourself in leading supermarkets, and beauty and health stores nationwide. It's also available for purchase online at AXE’s official stores in Lazada and Shopee.

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