Pixar’s ‘UP’ Receives Short Film Spinoff

'Up' short film "Carl's Date"

“Adventure is out there” proved to be true as Carl Fredricksen and Dug narrate a familiar tale—one just as exciting as Paradise Falls. A first date. “Carl’s Date” is a Pixar short film that is a follow-up to 2009’s “Up”. Since the passing of his wife, Ellie, in the original film, Carl is in pursuit […]

‘The Expendables’ Teases Sequel After Almost a Decade

The Expendables 4th Trailer

With Stallone at the helm, the mercenary troop returns after a near-10-year hiatus, providing yet another star-studded installment of The Expendables franchise. “We’ll die when we’re dead,” “Expend4bles” trailer taps into its action-adventure roots through a vast influx of explosives, fighting montages, and machine gun shells compared to its predecessors. The Lionsgate-produced trailer recognizes the […]

Chris Hemsworth Comes to Manila for Netflix’s ‘Extraction 2’ Premiere

Chris Hemsworth Extraction 2

Since embarking on the rainbow steered by Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder, the almighty God of Thunder resides in the Philippines to promote the second segment of the Extraction franchise, “Extraction 2.” Settling in Manila on June 5, Chris Hemsworth, with director Sam Hargrave is scheduled to don the red carpet for the Asia-Pacific premiere before retreating […]

‘Bakit Di Mo Sabihin’ Makes Regional Debut on Amazon Prime

Bakit Di Mo Sabihin

2022 Cinemalaya finalist ‘Bakit ‘Di Mo Sabihin’ (Tell Her) seeps into the global scene, set to be available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video starting May 25, 2023. The Real Florido drama will be accessible in the Southeast Asia, Taiwan, and Hong Kong regions. Centered on the inconveniences present in a predominantly hearing society, Nat […]

‘AIR’ Recounts Nike’s Drive to Win Over the Icon

air movie preview thumbnail

AIR narrates a formidable tale centered on the Swoosh-basketball legend’s sneaker courtship. Occurring before Air Jordan ever set foot on the professional hardwood, a love triangle was established between three notable shareholders of basketball footwear in America for the heart of the scrawny 21-year-old cager from Wilmington, North Carolina. Making his first feature film debut, […]

Netflix Family Film ‘Chupa’ Gets Hype for a Different Reason

Netflix "Chupa" film

“Netflix and Chupa?” Netflix’s latest family-friendly offering “Chupa” has piqued the interest of many – but for a totally different reason. On the one hand, the film’s depiction of the legendary ‘chupacabra’ is adorable, a complete 180 for the blood-sucking beast. It’s like Mexican ‘E.T.’; kids find an alien creature and must ensure it gets […]

5 Modern Filipino Films That We Need More Of

Modern Filipino Films, Joel Torre, Gerald Anderson, Paulo Avelino

Much has been said about Filipino films. The harshest critics say the industry is stuck in a revolving door of cliches and terrible writing, left in the dust by their superior counterparts in South Korea.  Others, like myself, say hope springs eternal. There are darn good filmmakers who prove that, given the right amount of […]

Ben Affleck’s “AIR” Recounts NIKE’s Courtship of Michael Jordan

Ben Affleck's AIR Courting A Legend

Building a brand around the GOAT might sound like a “duh” moment nowadays, but that wasn’t always the case back in Nike’s early years. It took a lot of maneuvering and luck to turn the Air Jordan line into the iconic shoes they are today, and that journey is coming to life with “Air.” Directed […]