Netflix Family Film ‘Chupa’ Gets Hype for a Different Reason

Netflix "Chupa" film

“Netflix and Chupa?” Netflix’s latest family-friendly offering “Chupa” has piqued the interest of many – but for a totally different reason. On the one hand, the film’s depiction of the legendary ‘chupacabra’ is adorable, a complete 180 for the blood-sucking beast. It’s like Mexican ‘E.T.’; kids find an alien creature and must ensure it gets […]

5 Modern Filipino Films That We Need More Of

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Much has been said about Filipino films. The harshest critics say the industry is stuck in a revolving door of cliches and terrible writing, left in the dust by their superior counterparts in South Korea.  Others, like myself, say hope springs eternal. There are darn good filmmakers who prove that, given the right amount of […]

Ben Affleck’s “AIR” Recounts NIKE’s Courtship of Michael Jordan

Air thumbnail

Building a brand around the GOAT might sound like a “duh” moment nowadays, but that wasn’t always the case back in Nike’s early years. It took a lot of maneuvering and luck to turn the Air Jordan line into the iconic shoes they are today, and that journey is coming to life with “Air.” Directed […]