A Playlist About Aliens Being Real

Playlist About Aliens

ICYMI – there was a U.S. Congressional hearing that centered around a testimony that aliens are real, U.F.O.’s are legit, and the government knows. The whistleblower in question was retired Major David Grusch, stated that the American government has been aware of “non-human” activity since the 30’s, and that he endangers himself by coming forward. […]

10 More Songs to Make Love To

10 More Songs to Make Love To

With the first installment being our most viewed of all time, it’s obvious that music plays a huge part in the average Filipino’s lovemaking escapades. It’s no surprise really; countless love songs regularly serve as OSTs of romcoms, sounds for somber Tiktok videos, and the anthem of many grieving chillnumans. Juan De La Cruz is […]

Big Night Out? 10 Best Songs to Get You Pumped

10 Songs To Get You Pumped

Perhaps the most important part of a night out is the pre-game phase, it sets the vibe and tone for the night ahead – whether you plan to chill with the crew at a bar, or dance all night long in a sea of people.  As an extension, music serves as the best mood setter […]

6 Melodic Rap MVs for Slow Days

Melodic Rap Music Videos

Some days, you wanna take it easy. Catch a breather and just let time pass by. So you put on some music, turn up the low-fi chill playlist, and drift into a trance.  For some, rap can be a remedy to slow days. Some may find it a strong sound with punchy beats and lyrics. […]

A Playlist To Get You Through Hard Times

Hard Times Playlist: When Life Kicks You Down

Artists to keep you company during hard times Life is a series of wins and hard times, and it just happens that we ride along that path.  When the going is good, we feel infinite, ethereal, and overflowing with joy and happiness. But like night and day, downward spirals are also inevitable. Such is the […]

What the Hell Are We? A Situationship Playlist

situationship playlist thumbnail

A situationship is what happens when two people are into each other but can’t – won’t, maybe because they don’t want to – codify what they are with a label. Situationship. It’s a whole situation. Bless you if you’ve been in that position before, God keep you if you’ve never experienced the psychological bedlam of […]