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10 More Songs to Make Love To

10 More Songs to Make Love To
James Francisco

With the first installment being our most viewed of all time, it’s obvious that music plays a huge part in the average Filipino’s lovemaking escapades. It’s no surprise really; countless love songs regularly serve as OSTs of romcoms, sounds for somber Tiktok videos, and the anthem of many grieving chillnumans.

Juan De La Cruz is simply a sucker for the sappy, hopeless romantic vibes that convey their adoration when words fail. And in the bedroom, the symphony of bodies and electric chemistry do the talking. As such, here are ten more songs to make love to.

Snooze – Sza

Now, “Snooze” might not be the goal, given that you’re expected to last at least more than a few minutes in the bedroom. Still, the viral hit from SZA is arguably the quintessential song for getting freaky: slow rhythmic beats that mask lyrics about a borderline obsessive devotion. Let loose and let the feeling take over.

Japanese Denim – Daniel Caesar

If you’re looking for a more PG version of offering your body and soul to your partner, then “Japanese Denim” from the ever-reliable Daniel Caesar can be your go-to. His 2017 debut album ‘Freudian’ is enough to fill this list alone, but let’s save the encore for when Caesar performs in Manila this July.

Adorn – Miguel

Miguel has a voice built to exude sexiness, and his peak was arguably in “Adorn” for his critically-acclaimed album “Kaleidescope Dream”. The lyrics is an all-out tribute of affection to your special someone, and Miguel’s silky-smooth vocals ensured it was an instant classic.

Under Blankets – crwn, Jess Connelly

Like Daniel Caesar, this bedroom playlist can easily be completed with tracks from crwn and/or Jess Connelly. Their 2015 joint EP, “How I Love” produced tracks that solidified their names as staples of the local lo-fi R&B scene. They’ve since gone on to do great things individually, but the type of magic they produce together like “Under Blankets” makes us wish their collabs could be an annual ritual.

Whatever This Is – fern.

It would be prudish to imply that this playlist is only for couples with well-defined relationships. Heck, you don’t even have to be in love. Sometimes, you’re just in it for the fun with a come-what-may-attitude. “Whatever This Is” by fern. certainly knows the feeling.

Paradise – H.E.R ft. Yung Bleu

We’ve all had that one person who drives us crazy with anticipation and excitement, but they’re also a walking red flag. They’re irresistible, or a “Paradise” as H.E.R and Yung Bleu put it, but they’re surrounded by uncertainty in terms of their intentions. Put this one on repeat if you’re happily (?) confused like most of us.

Gusto With Ya – DENȲ

We’re all strong and independent individuals until we meet that one person that makes our knees quake and questions everything we stand for. DENȲ captures that vulnerability in “Gusto With Ya”.

Overnight – Aaron Childs

Doing the deed can be instantenous. Aaron Child’s “Overnight” is for those moments that made you go “I swear i was just drinking, having a good time, and next thing I knew I was doing the walk of shame at 5AM”.

Bedtime Story – RINI

Fil-Aussie RINI gets real descriptive with his “techniques” in “Bedtime Story”, but consent and comfort serves as precursors to the entire mood. As naughty as we can be, those are the most important aspects to take note of.

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