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6 Melodic Rap MVs for Slow Days

Melodic Rap Music Videos
James Francisco

Some days, you wanna take it easy. Catch a breather and just let time pass by. So you put on some music, turn up the low-fi chill playlist, and drift into a trance. 

For some, rap can be a remedy to slow days. Some may find it a strong sound with punchy beats and lyrics. But melodic rap sets the tone in bridging mellow beats and spirited verses. The subgenre has since gone mainstream, and local hip-hop adapted well. Its lyricism, backed with smooth vocals infused with melodic synths and sounds, makes up for the experience– a fresh vibe to get you rapping and chilling at your own pace.

Now, local artists are taking the ante up in storytelling through MVs. Taking you from the comfort of their own spaces to the streets of Manila. Check out these videos if you’re looking to pace or daze through slow days.

Waiian – Real

See Waiian in his element. The rapper takes it easy in his verses as he cruises through 2020. And the MV supports this by showing him chilling in his lane. Biking, tumbling, and walking the streets. So when life feels like pulling you down, be a Waiian. What’s his secret? If you really wanna know the secret, he gives it to you– keep it real. He says, “That's something that some of you can never do.”

Kiyo – Tulo Laway

Although a lyric video, Kiyo takes us on a midnight stroll in Manila. This song sends you reminiscing on those moments with your partner with visual imagery wrapped in its lyrics, “Kahit madalas tulo laway ka palage”, and “Sarap mong pagmasdan parang buwan na bumaba”. If you’re feeling extra sentimental, watch this video take you on an adventure. Perfect for listening when you’re feeling romantic on a quiet night drive.

Because – Ready?

Some nights are just never enough. “Ready?” is a craving for full attention from your partner. Making the most of time and situation to live out your fantasies. With a music video shot in Dubai, Because brings an eye candy treat to this sultry track. Cinematic scenes in neon lights and film just add up to the full vibe.

OJ River – Talampunay

An ode to his upbringing, Talampunay has a dark side in it. A telling of OJ’s hardships, growing up with the OGs, and every waking nightmare. The verses and mv may be eerie but there’s a sense of ownership in OJ that’s inspiring. To keep on keeping on. Even if you have to go against the current.

Peaceful Gemini – Moment to Breathe

Slow days are moments for you to breathe. In this mv, Peaceful Gemini sits down in a session with herself. She reassesses the pressures and weight of being a young artist. It’s a reminder of when the tension kept rising; take a breather. Fighting with fire only makes situations worse. Inhale, exhale. 

Sica – Dark Out

When the sun sets, melancholy fills in. If you feel like staying alone after a long day, this track is your vibe. On nights like this, you wanna be in the comfort of your space. Just like Sica in this mv, grab a smoke, and leave the weight of the world out the door.

Art Credit: James Francisco

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