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Big Night Out? 10 Best Songs to Get You Pumped

10 Songs To Get You Pumped
James Francisco

Perhaps the most important part of a night out is the pre-game phase, it sets the vibe and tone for the night ahead – whether you plan to chill with the crew at a bar, or dance all night long in a sea of people. 

As an extension, music serves as the best mood setter for your evening, and if you’re struggling to find tunes to vibe to, we’ve got you covered. In collaboration with Beat This Philippines, we’ve put together a range of tracks that will pair well with some drinks, friends, and a whole lot of dancing. 

As always, feel free to comment below your faves that you would’ve wanted to see on this list.

Erik Villanueva – Wanna

Perfect for: Vibing out and busting some pre-club moves

It’s time to test out those dance moves you’ve been thinking about all week, and Filipino singer-songwriter Erik Villanueva has the perfect soundboard. His single Wanna has an up-beat tempo that could suit any ambitious choreography.

Reyanna Maria, Tyga – So Pretty

Perfect for: Fit checks and putting on make-up

It’s important to have the right soundtrack while you’re finalizing your fit and make-up, let Reyanna Maria hype you up with her break out single So Pretty.


Perfect for: Getting wild

You know when things start to get a little wild, maybe somebody’s accidentally dropped their drink all over the floor, or there’s new stains on the walls, or somebody is passed out on the couch… yeah… now is the time to play Davao based act, Player Two, try TIKTIKTOKIN for size.

Denise Julia – bum 2 me

Perfect for: Watching the sunset with a cheeky double shot of Vodka

If you and the crew have opted for a more peaceful and calm pre-game, load up the latest single by Filipina sweetheart Denise Julia while the sun gives you it’s final rays for the day.

Mcrel – Zoom

Perfect for: That late afternoon buzz

Those who drink alcohol sometimes end up in bed before the night has even started. If you feel your eyes drooping and need to climb that wall, play Cebu based MC Rel’s tune Zoom, and you should be back to your energetic self in no time.

Saweetie – My Type

Perfect for: Twerking practice with the girls

Not that this is for girls only, guys can join in on the twerking fun too. This is a staple in any Filipino party playlist. 

Chrissygotsauce – T.I.D

Perfect for: Preparing jello shots/drinking games

Manila based Chrissygotsauce has been known to make calm and calculated moves throughout his career, and also provides the sound board for aspiring entrepreneurs. Make sure to play T.I.D for full focus when preparing drinks or getting the crew in order to play some drinking games.

Janel Marisse – Origami

Perfect for: Photo shoots with the crew

 Fil-Am singer-songwriter Janel Marisse is no stranger to staying fly in her pics. Play Origami to adopt the mentality it takes to get the right angles.

Psvlm – Leave The Club

Perfect for: Deep and meaningfuls after one too many drinks

Alcohol is naturally a depressant, so statistically speaking, there’s bound to be some deep and meaningful conversations happening during your pre-game activities. Iloilo based singer-songwriter and produce Psvlm (pronounced Psalm) has you covered on that front.

Ylona Garcia – Entertain Me

Perfect for: Cab/Grab ride to the club

Always be respectful to the driver, but turn up to Ylona Garcia and her hit Entertain Me before pulling up to your final destination!

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