Young Cocoa Pays Tribute to Jakarta In New Single “J-TOWN (PM)”

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Filipino rapper-producer Young Cocoa revisits his experiences of growing up in Jakarta on “J-TOWN (PM)“—his new single via the pan-regional label, OFFMUTE. According to the prolific young artist, “J-TOWN (PM)” maps a pivotal moment in his life where he embraced the joys and pains of living in a multicultural city, pursued his goals and dreams, […]

Five Underrated Hip-Hop Albums You Should Listen To

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For his guest verse on Kanye West’s “So Appalled,” Jay-Z penned a prescient koan for artists and entertainers of the 21st century: “Would you rather be underpaid or overrated?” The riddle articulates the widely held suspicion that the truly talented stay broke while the mediocre make history. Still, in pieces like this, we bend the […]

Kiyo Proves Authenticity is King

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Kiyo is big on authenticity. In today’s social media space, that is the ultimate currency. People love following creators whose content features milestones, triumphs, feuds, and dramas. But while it might seem simple to “put yourself out there,” it takes a special kind of talent to dig deep, latch on to something emotionally resonant, and […]