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Best Filipino Female Artists For Your Playlist

We list the country’s best female performers who continue nurturing unparalleled sound and storytelling, regarded as mainstays in any playlist.
Best Filipino Female Artists
James Francisco

The Philippines’ embrace of progressive sound sees the emergence of promising female talent through their unique individual voices that complement a communal definition. By now, women in the industry have forged everlasting careers, accumulated a rabid fanbase, and placed themselves as icons for the next generation.

As we’ve previously noted the industry’s greatest female rappers, this piece tackles the continuation of several of their stories, spicing it up by including several of the “next women up,” who are definite staples in any playlist and deserve to be placed on repeat. 

Alex Bruce

YouTube: Alex Bruce

Latest release/s: SWOOSH

Don’t let her age fool you. Alex Bruce’s profound vintage hip-hop/rap lyricism echoes generations past her 16-year-old distinction. The youthful Batangueno and Complex Council member presents an unparalleled fierceness and mastery, evidenced by her performances on international stages and accolades under her belt.

August Wahh

YouTube: August Wahh – Topic

Latest release/s: Tip toe

August Wahh remains ever-present in both sound in setting, channeling a spirit of adventure evidenced by her trips to the trails and openness to nature. She uses her voice as a tool to share her wisdom that translates the beauty of her surroundings—grounded on themes of overcoming challenges, embracing solitude, and finding balance.

Denise Julia

YouTube: Denise Julia

Latest release/s: don’t matter

The experience of going through Denise Julia‘s discography is a rabbit hole—an endless soulful cycle that only gets better. Generating over 4 million monthly streams on Spotify, the Complex Council member’s 2023 Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1) EP added fuel to her rise, noting her recent “dont matter” track alongside DENȲ for her “pretty maangas babylatz.”


YouTube: DEMI

Latest release/s: Ganon ka Rin?

DEMI’s Filipino-Western-inspired roots suppodrt her vibrant translation of sound the only way she knows how. The “homebdy” hitmaker playfully blends English and Tagalog wordplay that showcases her style and versatility, notably collaborating with O $ide Mafia’s Madman Stan and Hev Abi on “Pakundangan.” 


YouTube: DENȲ

Latest release/s: don’t matter

DENȲ’s infectious rhythmic bliss places her at the forefront of the industry’s growing voices. She emphasizes purpose in her tune, taking on first and third-person perspectives to foster connection and relatability. Since the breakthrough of “Gusto With Ya” in 2021, the “LOVES7AGE” musician’s journey embraced her image as a soothing crooner.



Latest release/s: Blind then – Sped Up

Wholly Filipino, HILLARI perfectly intertwines her Norwegian roots with her local upbringing through soulful ballads that continuously flow through the seasons. The Spellemannprisen nominated artist is no stranger to home, recently visiting the country and slating her influence on tracks with Denise Julia and Jolianne—collaborations that subtly evidence her potential.

Illest Morena

YouTube: Illest Morena

Latest release/s: Sabik

“Sultry” and “sexual” are terms commonly associated with Illest Morena, although calmness and intimacy also reside within. The 22-year-old R&B/soul MC sheds her once soft-spoken skin to embrace all her colorful facets, notably through hits “Faded (Raw),” “Lagabog,” and a rendition of Summer Walker’s “Girls Need Love.”


YouTube: Rangga Jones

Latest release/s: Chemistry

Jollianne’s breakthrough as a contestant during the second season of The Voice Kids Philippines foreshadowed the illustrious journey that now stands before her. The Cebuano’s rich and silky-smooth vocals elevate her songs, drawing inspiration from experience and imagination.

Miss A & Fateeha (Morobeats)


Latest release/s: Back to these Fuckin Streets, On & on

When capturing the foundations of hip-hop, there’s no better pairing than MorobeatsMiss A and Fateeha. “Commendable” is an understatement for the modern femcees’ greatness—swimming against the tide, venturing beyond what’s “trendy” or “popping,” and diligently sticking to their craft. They are as authentic as it gets when craving for classic hip-hop, as the Complex Council members embrace yesterday’s glory through their authentic modern sounds.

Nicole Anjela

YouTube: Music Colony Records

Latest release/s: Toxic

“Genuineness” lies beneath Nicole Anjela’s heavy beats and larger-than-life energy, converging soul, R&B, and hip-hop genres as storytelling mediums. The Baguio native’s vocals are reminiscent of the Summer Capital of the Philippines’ swift-delectable breeze, integrating smoothness and meaning through every verse.


YouTube: SHNTI

Latest release/s: Wisteria

SHNTI’s music reflects her upbringing of both playful and intentional, encapsulating mundane themes that remain evergreen and relatable. The Quezon City femcee presents a call to discover, ushering an open invitation for motion and awakening the curious mind.


YouTube: TALA

Latest release/s: Retribution

“Dreamy” to keep it frank, TALA’s (Tala Gil) indie-pop classification musters a warm embrace to her listeners as they stand front and center of a whimsical soliloquy. The 24-year-old’s sweet yet lonely tone complements her lyricism and storytelling, noting several cross-country collaborations with Jinbo’s 2022 track “Over the Sea” and recently Matter Halo through “So Human.”

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