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DENY on Collaborating With Denise Julia: “Our Minds Are Like Bluetooth Mode”

The Flipino R&B resident gives Complex Philippines a glimpse into the compositional process and the story behind the joint track with Denise Julia.
DENY, Denise Julia
James Francisco

A convergence of synergized souls, DENY and Denise Julia lay their R&B foundations on a joint single that spanned three years in the making. The duo’s newly-released single “don’t matter” tackles themes of “romantic hopelessness,” placing the listener at the tail-end of a dying relationship, where all hope is lost.

Spanning almost three minutes and a half, the “Gusto With Ya” and “Alam Ko Na” hitmaker talks to Complex Philippines about the decision for its sudden release, inspiration for the track, and working with Denise Julia.

Instagram: @itsdenyph

According to your collaborative post, “don’t matter” has been a track in the works for three years. What made you decide that February 9, 2024, would be the perfect moment for its unveiling?

We started working on this track in late 2021, and believe it or not, we finished the writing process in a day. That was the easiest part. However, as Denise and I are a bunch of pretty perfectionists when it comes to our craft, it took time to capture the exact feel of the song we wanted it to have. But as soon as we both were satisfied with the output (which was just a month ago), Denise and I decided to release it ASAP.

Considering that both of you are immersed in the R&B space, what was the compositional process like? Were there any clashing of interests/approaches?

Since Denise and I are both very immersed in the R&B space, we both have the same vision, our tastes intertwine, and so the process went very smoothly. I couldn’t possibly wish for anyone easier to work with because the first time we met, we always agreed on the creative direction we wanted to proceed with. It’s like, every time we work together, our minds just go on Bluetooth mode, you know?

Can you give us a good description of Denise?

She’s a really hard-working person. If she wants something done, best believe it will be. And she really loves her craft, which is also one of the biggest reasons I love working with her.

How does “don’t matter” play into your current narrative? What is the track about?

The ongoing theme of my catalog usually plays around the issues of the heart, so “don’t matter” really fits right into that narrative. This track has a pretty straightforward message, which is how you feel on the brink of a relationship’s end, that any effort or whatever way you try to fix what’s broken, won’t matter when the other party doesn’t put the same energy anymore.

What’s your favorite line from “don’t matter”?

Choosing a line is pretty hard, each one is my favorite! But if I really had to, I’d say “Bidi bobbidi boo, I’ll forget about you”. I wrote this line with sort of a playful tone, like I'm just gonna magically make myself forget, instead of feeling the hurt and reliving the memories that I have with the person. Hypnosis I guess 😭.

What is in store for you this 2024? Anything our readers should know?

A lot for sure! I won’t reveal too much for now, but more collaborations, tracks, and special projects are definitely on the way. I’ll be busy conquering 2024!


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