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Must-Listen: CA Christian Alexander “Right Back” Album Feat. Kiana V

"Right Back" Album - CA Christian Alexander
James Francisco

“Right Back” is an apt title for the debut album of record producer Christian Alexander aka CA. It serves as a redemption project of sorts for the Filipino-American, who contemplated retiring from music in 2022 after a string of ventures didn’t go as planned.

“I was featured on PARADISE RISING’s semilucent 2 EP in 2021,” says the Complex Council member.

“On paper, my plans were to use that introduction on 88rising’s global platform to finally start dropping music consistently. But you know how the saying goes: “If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans.”

Unfulfilled plans are the norm in the cutthroat music industry. People’s taste is unpredictable. Artists are born every day. Many fall into obscurity, but for some, success is one viral Tiktok clip away.

Streams, numbers, virality, and keeping track of it all risk insanity and worse, the loss of one’s identity.

But after spending six months in New York, the feeling of “unfinished business” pulled CA back to Manila in November of last year. And for the first time since getting into the biz in 2018, he is releasing a project purely for self-expression. Not for the “business” or for the “industry”.

A self-confessed chronic overthinker, most of the songs in “Right Back” were unreleased songs that CA recorded over the years. The album marks CA’s resolution to be a more self-assured artist, who also isn’t afraid to be vulnerable and personal.

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect time [to release my songs. I realized the right time is the now.”

“I wanted to break the cycle of making music and not releasing them by dropping these new songs right after we finished them. I can’t expect different results if I’m doing the same things over and over.”

“Right Back” features catchy melodies, hard-hitting punchlines, and tracks perfect for late-night drives. The album carries a mostly R&B vibe, stemming from CA’s belief that there is a need for more “wavy music” in the Philippines.

With help and features from the likes of Duaneinsane and Kiana V, “Right Back” has reinvigorated CA to release music in 2023 that is true to his personality, and unburdened by sales and numbers.

“Here’s a Jay-Z lyric that I have been thinking about a lot recently:  “To my beloved, think we need some time away/They say if you love it, you should let it out its cage/ And f**k it, if it comes back you know it's there to stay,” shares CA.

“I’m happy and feeling self-fulfilled again now that music is my life again. And to me that’s what matters most, there’s no monetary value that can measure that.”

“Right Back” is available on all streaming platforms.

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