HILLARI On Coming Home and The Meaning Behind “Loyal”

Hillari, Loyal

HILLARI has quite a unique story compared to other Filipino acts on the international scene. It’s unusual to hear of a bubbling Filipino artist in Norway, as opposed to the bright lights of Hollywood or the glamour of Broadway. The 19-year-old is making a name for herself in the Scandinavian country, with singles like “Brenner” […]

Hev Abi Relases Debut Album “Kung Alam Mo Lang”

Hev Abi

Hev Abi has released his debut album “Kung Alam Mo Lang” (If You Only Know) exclusively on Spotify. The release follows his 2022 EP Sakred Boy, and follows a string of successful releases that have netted the hip-hop artist around 2.2 million montly listeners on the platform. His most notable single for 2023 is “WELCOME2DTQ” […]

DENȲ Breaks Down Her Debut Album “LOVES7AGE”


“I know I’m independent, but I think I need ya…” is the first line of DENȲ’s infectious debut track “Gusto With Ya” which has been making waves since its March 2021 release. The subsequent lines in the catchy chorus foreshadowed the hit-making abilities that cemented the Quezon City-based artist as one of the freshest faces […]

Kaytraminé Could Have Been the Album of the Summer


“No, this not a hotel, this a chalet / My pinky up ’cause I paid a lot for this ring / Studio time paid with Buffalo Exchange / Basically I’m sayin’ I came a really long way.” These are victory lap bars on Kaytraminé’s “Master P” courtesy of Aminé, whose frictionless flow delivery rarely ever […]

First Impressions Of Kaytraminé’s New Album, ‘Kaytraminé’

Kaytraminé album first impressions

Kaytranada and Aminé’s new album—aptly titled after their new duo moniker, Kaytraminé—is here. Although it was officially announced on April 4, this album is, according to Portland’s Aminé, “9 years in the making.” Still, it’s right on time. These two are no strangers. Their previous collaborations can be heard on 2015’s “La danse,” 2016’s “YeYe,” […]

Must-Listen: CA Christian Alexander “Right Back” Album Feat. Kiana V

"Right Back" Album - CA Christian Alexander

“Right Back” is an apt title for the debut album of record producer Christian Alexander aka CA. It serves as a redemption project of sorts for the Filipino-American, who contemplated retiring from music in 2022 after a string of ventures didn’t go as planned. “I was featured on PARADISE RISING’s semilucent 2 EP in 2021,” […]

Five Underrated Hip-Hop Albums You Should Listen To

Five Underrated Hip-Hop Albums, Plugg Talkzzz, My Love for Lies, Antwerp, New Kid on the Block And PALPITATIONS

For his guest verse on Kanye West’s “So Appalled,” Jay-Z penned a prescient koan for artists and entertainers of the 21st century: “Would you rather be underpaid or overrated?” The riddle articulates the widely held suspicion that the truly talented stay broke while the mediocre make history. Still, in pieces like this, we bend the […]

Drake Teases Tour and 2023 Album

drake new album tour thumbnail Copy

In the midst of a performance that doubled as a career retrospective, Drake inserted a fleeting tease: he’s going on tour this year. Drizzy performed a reported 40+ song setlist at the historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem, spanning all seven solo albums, ranging from the biggest hits to rarely-performed tracks. Drake likened the concert as […]