Spotify Radar Nurtures Fledging Filipino Sound

spotify radar nurtures filipino sound thumbnail

2023 poses as a year of emergence—as the booming Filipino-music industry converges local sound with themes of traditional storytelling. The language of which music is composed may vary, yet the effect it bestows upon the soul makes it suitable for all. Spotify Radar pioneers the movement, providing a platform for emerging Filipino artists to introduce […]

Remembering This Brilliant Hamilton x Itchyworms “You’ll Be Back” Remix

Hamilton x Itchyworms “You’ll Be Back” Remix

The timeless Itchyworms’ melody “Akin Ka Na Lang” (translated as “Be Mine Instead”) receives a compositional makeover that has sparked some social media buzz. The classic Pinoy tune was remixed by YouTuber stone ocean, and features Jonathan Groff’s rendition of “You’ll be Back”—one of the many iconic tracks from the incoming Hamilton production set to […]

Must-Listen: CA Christian Alexander “Right Back” Album Feat. Kiana V

"Right Back" Album - CA Christian Alexander

“Right Back” is an apt title for the debut album of record producer Christian Alexander aka CA. It serves as a redemption project of sorts for the Filipino-American, who contemplated retiring from music in 2022 after a string of ventures didn’t go as planned. “I was featured on PARADISE RISING’s semilucent 2 EP in 2021,” […]

Shanti Dope, HELLMERRY “Y.G.G.” MV is a Viral Hit

Shanti Dope

Shanti Dope with another banger Shanti Dope kicks off 2023 with his latest release “Y.G.G.” with his rap bud HELLMERRY. The single is the pair’s first collaboration since the release of “Loaded” from the former’s “Basic EP.” Apart from the Shanti Dope’s noticeable experimentation of a different flow,, “Y.G.G.” also trended as high as #3 […]

The Best Filipina Rappers Right Now

Best Filipina rappers

Make way for Filipina Rappers This International Women’s Month, we’re paying tribute to Filipino femcees. Much has been said about the hip-hop industry and its treatment of women, but with time comes growth and progress. Recent years have seen several Filipina rappers break the glass ceiling of a male-dominated industry, solidifying their names, crafting a […]

Allison Shore’s “MANATILI” Is For Your Ride-or-Die

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The love month sees a lot of promises made – engagements, proposals,”I gotchu’s” and “you’re my only one’s”. Allison Shore is no different in his latest single “MANATILI”, which sees the Batangas artist swear to stick by his girl through thick and thin. For Allison, the MV embodies all of the car rides he’s spent […]

Moira Teases First Diss Track “EME”

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There are moments that merit a swear word or two. Rappers cuss to add flavor to their diss tracks. Your friend uses them to emphasize an outrageous story. I let one rip when I stub my toe on the table because that sh*t hurts like hell. However, there are people you don’t expect to have […]