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PLAYERTWO “Happy Accidents” Album: Filipino Hip-Hop at Its Most Fun

PLAYERTWO Happy Accidents

PLAYERTWO has released their debut album “HAPPY ACCIDENTS”- and it’s Filipino hip-hop at its most fun. Taken from the famous Bob Ross line, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents”. the 8-piece project radiates the same infectious energy that launched the group following their single “THAT’S MY BABY” which first went viral on Tiktok. Only the hardest of souls would be able to resist not bopping to “THINKING OF LOVE”  or feeling pumped by “P2 ENERGY”. 

The album isn’t contained to a certain genre, which speaks to PLAYERTWO’s carefree approach to their music. The only agenda is to be as youthful and joyful as possible, and “Happy Accidents” hits the mark. First previewed at an album launch at Apotheka, Poblacion last August 17, here are the first impressions from us at Complex Philippines.

Best song?

Gelo: So many contenders, but I’d say “THINKING OF LOVE”. It captures PLAYERTWO’s vibe perfectly: blissfully unaware of anything except for a certain positive emotion, which in this case, is being madly infatuated with someone. It’s the boys at their best when it comes to the rhythm and flow.

Xavi: It might come as an unorthodox choice, but “CHASING KITES” awakens a sense of nostalgia with its serene yet deliberate imagery. It invites the recollection of the “good ol’ days” (so to speak) when the world seemed easy and blissful. Somewhat of a “wild card” in terms of PLAYERTWO’s eccentric sound, though it showcases their unique ability to adapt to different rhythms and styles.

James: “CHASING KITES” takes the lead as my top choice, but “SHOWER MUSIC” is a close contender. These songs showcase the group's experimental nature, which effortlessly invites listeners to vibe and groove along.

Best thing about the album?

PLAYERTWO – Warner Music

Gelo: It’s great to have a hip-hop album that’s just fun and carefree. I’m all for a good social commentary or old-school Pinoy Pride, but sometimes we just need an escape from the world’s problems, and I feel like “HAPPY ACCIDENTS” is just that. Also, the album is radio-friendly enough that it can entice more people to join in on what I think is an ongoing resurgence of Filipino hip-hop.

Xavi: “HAPPY ACCIDENTS” poses as a playful node to PLAYERTWO’s artistic journey, embracing their variety of flavors through both head-bopping and eargasmic feels. I love how they incorporated their influences into their sound while still composing pieces uniquely theirs, as “entertaining” would be an understatement to describe the album’s live renditions.

James: “HAPPY ACCIDENTS” leaves no room for dull moments or skips. PLAYERTWO's unique sound is infused with a lively and vibrant energy, which captivates from start to finish.

General thoughts

Gelo: The album is a must-listen, but PLAYERTWO is at their peak during live performances. The vibe is infectious, so grab the chance to see them live when you can.

Xavi: It’s “uniquely familiar” if put into words—procuring a collection of odes distinctly from this generation, though with a PLAYERTWO spin. With each track possessing remnants of their sound, it questions the lengths of the group, questioning what they can’t do. These eight tracks showcase only the tip of the iceberg, as I can’t wait for the rest to come to fruition. (When’s volume two coming out, guys?)

James: PLAYERTWO channels their unwavering passion into every track, which culminates in an album that exudes high-spirited energy and undoubtedly promises an electrifying live listening experience.

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