PLAYERTWO “Happy Accidents” Album: Filipino Hip-Hop at Its Most Fun

PLAYERTWO Happy Accidents

PLAYERTWO has released their debut album “HAPPY ACCIDENTS”- and it’s Filipino hip-hop at its most fun. Taken from the famous Bob Ross line, “There are no mistakes, only happy accidents”. the 8-piece project radiates the same infectious energy that launched the group following their single “THAT’S MY BABY” which first went viral on Tiktok. Only […]

Get to Know: PLAYERTWO, Spotify RADAR Artist


“She got a body like an animal, tripping all night…” If you’ve ever heard this earworm on Tiktok, then you’ve come across PLAYERTWO. Composed of Ivo Impreso, Wave P, Luke April, DJ Puhken, and Ven Villariza, the boys from Davao exhibit the prime qualities of Gen-Z hip-hop: DIY music videos and utilizing platforms like Tiktok […]