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Get to Know: PLAYERTWO, Spotify RADAR Artist

James Francisco

“She got a body like an animal, tripping all night…” If you’ve ever heard this earworm on Tiktok, then you’ve come across PLAYERTWO. Composed of Ivo Impreso, Wave P, Luke April, DJ Puhken, and Ven Villariza, the boys from Davao exhibit the prime qualities of Gen-Z hip-hop: DIY music videos and utilizing platforms like Tiktok to amplify their works.

The Spotify RADAR program is in the same vein of promoting local talent by placing them on a global scale and giving them tools that provide insight into their audience. PLAYERTWO joins the 12-man roster of up-and-coming acts, representing the carefree and fun vibes of Filipinos. Get to know more about the RADAR artists with our exclusive interview below.

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What’s the story behind PLAYERTWO?

Impreso: We originally started as a duo–Luke April and me. It was so random because we started with many artist names. One day, Luke thought of PLAYERTWO since we’re two people, and it looked really good in all caps. 

And then we met Wave P, Ven, and Cool Ken along the road and then we’re like we’re sticking to PLAYERTWO because we found new meaning to PLAYERTWO, and how we see it is that we’re the underdogs, the second in mind because we aren’t really the main people in the things that we do.

How long until the rest of the group joined?

Impreso: We started together around February 2022 and in August, I met the rest of the team after that, it was pure work, and released an album.

DJ Puhken: I was added around October after they finished cooking some albums for three days. I knew Ven because of the events that we were doing in Davao, so I was like do you want to work with us on this project it’s not going to be paid or anything

PLAYERTWO - Ivo Impreso
Ivo Impreso
PLAYERTWO - Luke April
Luke April

How would you describe your music?

Impreso: The overall vibe of our music is fun. No overthinking. It’s just pure feeling.

Luke April: When we started, it was like a mindset of pushing limits.

Wave P: Our songs are all about emotions, feelings, and youthful energy.

How do you feel about the success of ‘That’s My Baby’?

Wave P: “That’s my Baby” was planned to go viral talaga because, given my background in digital marketing, I know how TikTok works. It was all planned. I think there’s no reason why people should think it was “chamba” or an “overnight success” as it’s nothing like that. We should be consistent in doing our craft…

Luke April: and mindful of the decisions that we make. The support from Kong TV was super crazy for us as we’re big fans of his.

Wave P

PLAYERTWO Ven Vilariza
Ven Villariza

What other songs should your listeners check out?

Impreso: I feel everybody should check out our latest release, TIKTIKTOKIN, as well as our older releases HDYF and TALK STRAIGHT, and if you haven’t gotten sick of That’s My Baby, then That’s My Baby.

How do you guys feel about being part of the Spotify RADAR program?

Impreso: It’s an amazing honor. It feels really good to be spotlighted and pushed to a global audience as it gives us a better chance of connecting to people whose songs are meant to be listened to and showcasing that OPM is changing and developing.

The idea that five kids coming out from Davao City will be pushed through Spotify RADAR, that is crazy. It shows anyone can do it.

Photography Wilmark Jolindon

Final Art James Francisco

Production Spotify Philippines

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