Spotify Radar Nurtures Fledging Filipino Sound

spotify radar nurtures filipino sound thumbnail

2023 poses as a year of emergence—as the booming Filipino-music industry converges local sound with themes of traditional storytelling. The language of which music is composed may vary, yet the effect it bestows upon the soul makes it suitable for all. Spotify Radar pioneers the movement, providing a platform for emerging Filipino artists to introduce […]

Get to Know: PLAYERTWO, Spotify RADAR Artist


“She got a body like an animal, tripping all night…” If you’ve ever heard this earworm on Tiktok, then you’ve come across PLAYERTWO. Composed of Ivo Impreso, Wave P, Luke April, DJ Puhken, and Ven Villariza, the boys from Davao exhibit the prime qualities of Gen-Z hip-hop: DIY music videos and utilizing platforms like Tiktok […]

Get to Know: Illest Morena, Spotify RADAR Artist

Illest Morena - Spotify RADAR Artist

“It’s the Illest, baby.” Few have a better catchphrase to cap off a killer performance than Illest Morena. Angelica Layague oozes sensual charm, best captured by her string of releases that capture the love-drunk experience, like ‘LOML’, ‘Indigo Haze’, and ‘Pick-Up’.  Her unabashed approach landed her in our list of “Best Female Rappers in the […]