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KINDRED Breathes Intimacy with New Single ‘Lambing’

KINDRED 'Lambing'
James Francisco

Local-alternative group KINDRED breathes unconventionality to a love-induced anthem, ‘Lambing’. The ballad amplifies the beauty and progressiveness of Original Philippine music (OPM), as its soothing city-pop melody captures the sound's ‘80s Japanese origins. In collaboration with Kiyo, the boyband resurrects the traditional art of courtship (or ligaw) rooted in the intimate bond in words and action.

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KINDRED’s ‘Lambing’ streaming on Apple Music and Spotify

Integrating the collaboration of flavors, each artist provides a soliloquy—a transformative expression of their understanding and yearning for love. The newly released single dissects the sophisticated minds and experiences of the group, settling on a voice with hints of individual identity. An ode to the certified lover, ‘Lambing’ peers deep into the heart—reconnecting with the feeling of being loved and in love.

Intertwined souls


Likened to previous releases, ‘Lambing’ draws like-minded synergies, purveying a distinct sound grounded on ingenuity. KINDRED brings together Slomo Says, Obi, dot.jaime, Vinced, Fern., Punzi, Pikunin, and Nouvul comprise its three-year legacy.

The compositional process of the single does not directly reflect their musical journey but caters to the bond residing within. It tackles their deliberate approach and distinct flow—a cog for what’s to come.

“Lambing is the most intentional one we’ve put out so far in terms of purpose, sound, and how we brought everyone together. It’s also about the project we’re working on as all these songs have a specific role in the project, as Lambing serves its purpose,” Obi states.

It is a tale of maturing identity, speaking highly of the experiences of love as persons and as kin. To make “Lambing” entails protecting what’s yours through subtle concrete actions, fostering a special bond between intertwined souls.

Echoing for generations

The “new” wave of OPM withstands hurdles and limitations and gravitates beyond the traditional definition of what is mainstream. The industry is no stranger to the emergence of authentic sounds and stories, continuously defining and redefining what is soothing for the soul. Nouvul introduces how the group’s “weirdness” is unique, providing an avenue for relatability and the confluence of its vision expressed through sound.

“I feel like the project represents subtle changes in the industry, and like what Fern said, we’re all weird. We all come from a camp where weird is good, as these are the individuals that we want to champion and show a different side of music.”

KINDRED champions authenticity, connoting differences as an asset rather than a hurdle. Wholly embracing themselves constitute this symphonic convergence, meant for anyone, anywhere. Whether featured as a karaoke option or blasted through a jeepney’s speakers, their distinct sound and aesthetics reflect the everchanging possibilities of Filipino music—with ‘Lambing’ posing as a substantial step in a catalytic direction.

“It’s going to be mega,” Fern mentions.

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