KINDRED’s ‘SUBSET,’ A Convergence Three Years in the Making

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Alternative boyband KINDRED fortifies their lambing (courtship) narrative through a 15-track mixtape that colorfully foreshadows the possibilities of Original Filipino Music (OPM). “SUBSET” converges the collaborative efforts of eight kindred spirits—dot.jaime, Fern., VINCED, Slomosays, Nouvul, Pikunin, Punzi, and Cavill—slating their varied artistic influences over a project, three years in the making. A “genre-bending” mixtape, “SUBSET” […]

KINDRED Breathes Intimacy with New Single ‘Lambing’

KINDRED 'Lambing'

Local-alternative group KINDRED breathes unconventionality to a love-induced anthem, ‘Lambing’. The ballad amplifies the beauty and progressiveness of Original Philippine music (OPM), as its soothing city-pop melody captures the sound’s ‘80s Japanese origins. In collaboration with Kiyo, the boyband resurrects the traditional art of courtship (or ligaw) rooted in the intimate bond in words and […]