Richboyz’s ‘Eterna’ Collection Merges Film Photography and Fashion

Richboyz Eterna Collection

Richboyz infuses the holiday spirit with a collection that showcases its artistry by weaving film photography and fashioned elegance, formally titled “Eterna.” The 21-piece capsule tributes Jacob Cruz’s (brand founder/creative director) passion for storytelling through garments, now embracing the December festivities through its aesthetic and Christmas-centric hues. Instagram: @richboyzph Richboyz’s “Eterna” collection exhibits an evergreen […]

Richboyz’ ‘Signature Series’ Capsule Tackles A More Minimalist Persona

richboyz signature series capsule tackles minimalist persona thumbnail

Richboyz incorporates Japanese fashion-forward perspectives through its premier “Signature Series” collection. Debuting at the recent Manila Sneaker Expo 3 grounds, the official September 9, 2023, online release evidenced the brand’s founder/creative director, Jacob Cruz, recent overseas expenditure, extracting dark tones from the sights of everyday Tokyo bystanders.  Eluding tradition, “Signature Series” introduces hints of internal […]