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Richboyz Intertwines Luxury and Tranquility

The brand breathes new life into its street/lounge-wear opulence through a 43-piece third-season collection that evidences timelessness and growth.
James Francisco

Richboyz journeys one with nature, capturing the serenity and calmness of the environment as celestial hues slate its third chapter. “Where Luxury Meets Tranquility,” the March 2, 2024 capsule, peers into the brand’s developing street/lounge-wear opulence b

Instagram: @richboyzph and @davidguison

A product of a meticulous four-month process, the 43-piece collection foreshadows a visual narrative with underlying mundane themes. Its depiction of soothingness is present through its “pebble,” “jade,” and “dull blue” shades, as “obsidian” whispers the calmness of a peaceful landscape. “Ceramic” and “sky” connote openness, “spring” captures renewal, while “champagne” and “graphite” tribute its luxury distinction.

Unlike its previous releases, Richboyz turns over a new leaf that features newly introduced branding, colors, and craftsmanship. Co-founders Jacob Cruz and Kate Angeles spearheaded its meticulous navigation, forging each garment to perfection to embody the tranquil intent of Season Three. This approach integrates much-anticipated textiles and structures, placing David Guison and Angelique Manto as the centerpiece and inspiration for the release as reverent brand supporters. 

“I'm thrilled to see the long-awaited knitwear and cropped hoodies come to life, fulfilling a community request,” mentions Richboyz’s Public Relations and Social Media Manager, Hanerich Marmol. 

“Working with loyal supporter David Guison and rising star Angelique Manto has been an honor. Their established social media presence perfectly complements the collection's potential,” he added.

Check out Richboyz’s Season 3 Collection: “Where Luxury Meets Tranquility” on their website,

Instagram: @richboyzph

Instagram: @richboyzph

Instagram: @richboyzph

Instagram: @richboyzph

Instagram: @richboyzph

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