First Fil-Am Quarterback Passes Away

Roman Gabriel, Fil-Am Quarterback

College Football Hall of Famer and the NFL’s first Fil-Am quarterback Roman Gabriel, passed away peacefully in his home due to undisclosed causes.

Minnesota Vikings’ Cam Bynum Reunites with His Wife in the US

Cam Bynum, Minnesota Vikings

The wife of Fil-Am safety Camryn Bynum finally witnessed her husband on the pitch during the Minnesota Vikings’ Week 10 win, 27-19, against the visiting New Orleans Saints. Lalaine Bynum’s appearance from the sidelines marks her first in-person appearance of witnessing her husband on the field, concluding a season-long hiatus due to visa complications. Instagram: […]

The Wife of Minnesota Vikings’ Cam Bynum is Stuck in the Philippines

Cam Bynum, Minnesota Vikings

From his Filipino-inspired knee pads surfacing on social media, Minnesota Vikings’ Camryn Bynum showcases pride for his Filipino roots. Following his game-sealing interception against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 7, he proudly pointed to the Philippine flag decal on the rear of his helmet as the hometown crowd rallied behind their Fil-Am safety—with everyone […]