Action Bronson Teases Next New Balance Collab

Rosewater 1906R

After releasing one of the best sneakers this year with the “Baklava” 990v6, Action Bronson and New Balance will keep the momentum going in 2024 with a new 1906R collab. Just moments ago, the Queens-bred rapper shared on Instagram a teaser shot of his collaborative New Balance 1906R sneaker he dubbed “Rosewater.” The image shared […]

New Balance 550s Aren’t Dead Thanks To Taylor Swift

New Balance 550s

New Balance’s 2023 redemption arc slightly drew to a standstill as the hype considerably lessened, possibly due to the saturation of its pairs. Among the candidates for the daily rotation, its 550 model is no stranger to the spotlight, posing as a viable option while eluding the “dad core” component of its collection.  From its […]

New Balance Philippines Challenges the Runner Within through #RunYourWay

New Balance PH

Instagram: @newbalancerunning Before the 990s, 992s, and similar renditions populated the racks as a convincing lifestyle option, New Balance centered its efforts on movement, a concept revived through its #RunYourWay campaign. The initiative caters to everybody and everywhere, regardless of one’s running experience. FuelCell SuperComp Elite v3 via New Balance Fresh Foam x More V4 […]

New Balance Drops Timeless Silhouettes for Grey Day

New Balance Grey Day 2023

Encapsulated in the annual calendar of sneaker festivities, New Balance’s ‘Grey Day’ celebrates the Boston behemoth’s coveted palette slated across its lines. The muted tones and impressionable silhouettes showcase timelessness—tackling the surging dad-core movement coupled with comfortable utility. Crafted for the track stars-within, incorporating a grey-covered rendition was perceived to combat the naturals of cities’ […]

4 Sneakers Deserving of a Comeback

4 Sneakers Deserving of a Comeback

Sneakers are the name, retro is the game. With the vintage tides wavering, value is placed on salvaging remnants of the past, basking in its eternal glory. This fact may be credible with apparel pieces when rummaging at the local flea or even your parents’ closets, though it may not be the same for footwear. […]

Best Black Sneakers Available in the Market

best black sneakers thumbnaill

We really can’t deny that sneakers are getting more and more creative and playful – that’s amazing. But sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing bright and colorful sneakers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good.  Sometimes black sneakers are the way to go and here are the best available in stock right now. Vans […]

Eri Neeman on #KalboGamma and Pairing Suits with Sneakers

Style | Complex Philippines - eri neeman kalbo gamma new balance thumbnail

With his #KalboGamma posts and #AddtoCartAdventures with his wife Monica, the internet is losing itself over Eri Neeman and his brand of self-deprecating humor. There is no shortage of hilarious comments, jabs, and impressive fan edits referencing his naked dome and couch exiles, all in good fun. As his followers put it, Neeman’s content is […]

Meet the Sneakerheads Who Aren’t Ashamed to Wear Fakes

Gen Z Fake Sneakers thumbnail

Coming into adulthood amid inflation and a soaring cost of living, it’s no wonder Gen Zs and Millennials are all about the thrift life. The tiangges, ukays, and flea markets, once derogatory terms for inferior products, are now the toast of a demographic that lives for steals and good deals. Add in social media hype […]