Jo Koy Inks Two More Stand-Up Specials with Netflix

Jo Koy

Recognized for his culturally parodic skits, Fil-Am comedian Jo Koy continues his partnership with Netflix, bringing two more stand-up comedy specials to fruition.  Since his self-titled debut of his Seattle set, the juggernaut streaming service has released three installments (“Comin’ in Hot,” “In His Elements,” and “Live from the LA Forum”), with the planned two […]

Derek Ramsay’s Iconic “Pare, Pulis Ako” Receives a Chris Hemsworth Remake

derek ramsay chris hemsworth pare pulis ako thumbnail

As a promo for “Extraction 2,” Derek Ramsay has teamed up with Chris Hemsworth to parody the former’s iconic 2014 anti-piracy advertisement.  Docking in the Philippines to promote his newest Netflix film “Extraction 2,” Hemsworth is seen in the nearly two-minute clip assisting Ramsey in catching another culprit that happened to enter his room. Ramsey […]

Netflix’s Nike Training Club is a Workout Novice’s Dream

Netflix Nike Training Club

An ode to the everyday go-getter, Netflix’s collaboration with the Swoosh paves the way for the international streaming giant to seep into alternative mediums—embarking on a more lifestyle-centric approach. The Nike Training Club (NTC) instills the foundation, providing virtual alternatives from the comfort of home. NTC pioneers the growing fitness movement, integrating several features of […]

‘You’ Renewed for Fifth and Final Season at Netflix

You, You Netflix

Netflix’s You will make its return one last time. The Penn Badgley-starring thriller series has been renewed for a fifth and final season, though the plotline and release date hasn’t yet been announced. “As I step back from day-to-day show running to focus on new projects, I’m immensely grateful,” showrunner Sera Gamble said in a […]

Netflix Family Film ‘Chupa’ Gets Hype for a Different Reason

Netflix "Chupa" film

“Netflix and Chupa?” Netflix’s latest family-friendly offering “Chupa” has piqued the interest of many – but for a totally different reason. On the one hand, the film’s depiction of the legendary ‘chupacabra’ is adorable, a complete 180 for the blood-sucking beast. It’s like Mexican ‘E.T.’; kids find an alien creature and must ensure it gets […]