Richboyz’ ‘Signature Series’ Capsule Tackles A More Minimalist Persona

richboyz signature series capsule tackles minimalist persona thumbnail

Richboyz incorporates Japanese fashion-forward perspectives through its premier “Signature Series” collection. Debuting at the recent Manila Sneaker Expo 3 grounds, the official September 9, 2023, online release evidenced the brand’s founder/creative director, Jacob Cruz, recent overseas expenditure, extracting dark tones from the sights of everyday Tokyo bystanders.  Eluding tradition, “Signature Series” introduces hints of internal […]

Minimalist Essentials for the Typhoon Season

Minimalist Essentials

Typhoon season looms over the Philippines, previewed through the volatile weather conditions in the past month with its fair share of sunshine and pours. Considering the country’s geographical nature, thunderstorms are expected from here on out, with Filipinos braving another set of natural calamities. As the rainy season approaches the Philippines, so must the practicality […]