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Minimalist Essentials for the Typhoon Season

Minimalist Essentials
James Francisco

Typhoon season looms over the Philippines, previewed through the volatile weather conditions in the past month with its fair share of sunshine and pours. Considering the country’s geographical nature, thunderstorms are expected from here on out, with Filipinos braving another set of natural calamities.

As the rainy season approaches the Philippines, so must the practicality and utility of the on-hand items and fashion pieces carried and worn by Filipinos. Here is a collated list of rainy-day essentials that you can easily find and purchase online:


Lazada: Tristar Plastic

Price: PHP 400

Where to buy: Lazada

Observed to be primarily draped over motorcycle drivers to emerging on the runway as a designer staple, a poncho's mere utility presents itself as the ideal cover-up when tending to the pours. Hercules Rainwear’s “bigger & tougher” rendition features a sleek monotone design, elevated through a waterproof double layer, PYC laminated with nylon mesh—promoting its ease of care and durability.

Running Jackets

Lazada: Nike

Price: PHP 2,833

Where to buy: Lazada

Donning a more versatile variation while still integrating style, hooded running jackets are a viable alternative to the common rain jackets and coats. With its versatile appearance and water-repellent properties, Nike’s hooded running jacket provides a stylish and functional piece that can become a makeshift raincoat for the avid runner or stan for the Swoosh. 

Waterproof Sneaker Covers


Lazada: Pole-Sports

Price: PHP 39.73

Where to buy: Lazada

Silicone sneaker covers inhibit a shell-like structure, providing an outer shell for footwear withstanding inconvenient pours. Its non-slip, portable, and easy-to-clean properties reassure the wearer of the safety of what’s on foot. The sole of the sleeve features a rubberized grid, promoting its no-slip component when taking a step out on rainy days, though it somewhat hinders showcasing the footwear.

Sneaker Protection Sprays


Lazada: Crep Protect PH

Price: PHP 995

Where to buy: Lazada

These wet months have been quite challenging for all sneakerheads out there. Heavier rains mean higher chances of wet surfaces and stains for sneakers, but not all hope is lost when protecting them. Sneaker protection sprays assist when keeping those kicks fresh and dry during this typhoon season. Not only is it quick-dry and easy to apply, but the spray also does not affect the look, feel, or performance (though do take note of the materials as certain sprays cater solely to specific surfaces). 

Waterproof Phone Cases

Untitled design 2022 12 30T100403.493

Lazada: Baseus

Price: PHP 279

Where to buy: Lazada

The cellphone is second to none the most used and important device in society, but it is also one of the easiest to damage. Mobile phones rarely survive water damage. Luckily, it does not take much to protect them; in fact, it won’t cost much either (at least not as much as having to repair a broken phone). So why wait and leave them susceptible to the dangers of water? The Baseus waterproof phone pouch protects cell phones from getting wet, allowing users to freely move around and use their devices in the rain or near water. 

Foldable Umbrellas


Lazada: Eone Official Store

Price: PHP 79.78

Where to buy: Lazada

Fashion speaks multitudes, as exhibiting personal style is momentous to expression. With raincoats, ponchos, and jackets covering what’s underneath, the good ol’ umbrella may just do the trick. Figuratively (and literally) got you covered, EONE’s UV Protection Umbrella has a clean design that pairs perfectly with any outfit. Beyond its sleek look and color variations, it offers protection from heavy rains and harsh sunlight, easily storable when no longer needed. This compact umbrella is an everyday bag essential without taking up too much space.

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