4 Local Streetwear Brands to Get You Into Upcycling

Local Streetwear Brands that champion upcycling

It’s a world of fast fashion, but upcycling changes the game. At the height of thrift shops emerging online and in stores, local upcycling designers are gaining popularity. Creating an original piece out of reused materials is a mark of craftsmanship. And we’re in for a big haul of talents. Upcycled streetwear has turned the […]

10 More Local Streetwear Brands That Are Instant Head-Turners

Local Streetwear Brands Vol. 2

The Philippines remains to be an epicenter of confluence, integrating global cultures with a dash of flavor and a hint of local personality. Valuing the inclusivity of expression, established in-house names have not strayed far from the hype. Local streetwear brands continue to release novelty and unique pieces, with designers echoing their design and advocacies. […]

5 Local Streetwear Brands That Are Instant Head-Turners

5 Local Streetwear Brands - Complex PH

These local streetwear brands deserve your love Local streetwear brands in the Philippines are not new, but their popularity has immensely increased over the years. Often tied up with the local sneaker culture, the industry has become a platform/medium for people to show their style and personality. Aside from fan-favorite Don’t Blame the Kids (DBTK), […]