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10 More Local Streetwear Brands That Are Instant Head-Turners

Local Streetwear Brands Vol. 2
Macky Arquilla

The Philippines remains to be an epicenter of confluence, integrating global cultures with a dash of flavor and a hint of local personality. Valuing the inclusivity of expression, established in-house names have not strayed far from the hype. Local streetwear brands continue to release novelty and unique pieces, with designers echoing their design and advocacies.

Fashion nowadays continues to perform somewhat dynamically, as there isn’t a “proper” way of styling or manner of exhibiting personal flare (hence the term, you do you). Choosing to don Carhartt workwear, vintage-graphic tees, or minimalist staple pieces, may seem like a natural choice nowadays, though why not try giving local a shot?  

What is ours will always be ours. On that note, given the warm reception to our initial installment, here are 10 (yes, 10!) more local streetwear brands that are bound to seep into your everyday clothing rotation.

Fortune W.W.D.

Shops: Physical Store/s, Website

Straying away from the usual graphic design tees, this brand offers reimagined pieces that are good for daily wear. Fortune W.W.D. is a brand that nearly goes well with every style as it aims to not limit themselves in a singular aesthetic but rather a limitless amount of styles.

Their reimagined pieces not only help people explore what style they like, but also help them express their personality, perspectives, and mindsets. When trying new things, give Fortune W.W.D a go.


Shops: Shopee

When looking for that “out of the extraordinary” pieces, Hysteria is the way to go. Etched in the Filipino culture, Hysteria’s design takes you way back to your roots. Who knew the orange Lumpia plastic wrapper and the calendar in your living room can be worn as a polo? The wackiness of their brand stays throughout all their posts, sharing self edited memes that keeps their community engaged.


Shops: Physical Store/s, Website, App Store, Play Store, GrabMart, Viber

Western meets local through MN+LA’s staple contemporary-retro pieces for constant wear. “Manila Meets Los Angeles” gives its take on blank tees, loungewear, and daily essentials. Their products contain much richness in variety and quality, with their minimalist colors and designs greatly accentuating the entirety of the fit. Manila-born, though definitely Los Angeles-inspired.


Shops: Website

When looking for artistic local streetwear brands, Nobody Clothing has to be on your list. Giving apparels that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, it is a no-brainer that this brand will be included in the list.

Recently, one of their pieces blew up in virality as the design and material for the piece are inspired by a blanket that all Filipinos are familiar with. The “Milagros” shirt that blew up also has a beautiful meaning behind it, making it more special for other people.

Sports Paradise

Shops: Instagram

Making waves this past 2022, Sports Paradise offers a variety of everyday shorts, integrating inclusivity and variety in their production. The ‘House of Shorts’ carries out weekly releases, as their garments are crafted utilizing several textiles fit for any occasion—such as mesh, drift, rib cotton, etc. With a recent successful collaboration with Antibiotic Smile, we’d recommend turning on the notification bell for future products.

Secret Fresh

Shops: Physical Store/s, Lazada, Shoppe

Secret Fresh reflects the creative direction of DJ BigBoy Cheng with the intent of exploring newfound perspectives, valuing inclusivity of artistic expression, and community through their esteemed gallery.

With its debut apparel line of the same name, Secret Fresh Apparel brings a distinct depiction of street culture as many of its designs feature local artists, creative parodies, and relevant themes incorporating similar values.

Syndrome Supply

Shops: Website

Staying true to their “Lead Never Follow” mentality, you can expect never-before-seen designs incorporated into their products. Syndrome Supply definitely leads the way, not only they are offering apparels, they also offer custom designed furniture such as rugs and mirrors. If you are looking to buy custom furniture, as well as apparel pieces with great design then Syndrome Supply is the one-stop shop for you.


Shops: Website

Paying homage to the nation’s rich basketball roots, Tenement prides itself on venturing toward the athletic lifestyle and its respective subcultures. With continuous efforts towards community generation, their unique approach pays homage to its Loyola Heights roots and the active-everyday goer with its graphics and minimalist design.

Vestigial 47

Shops: Shopee

Expression with no boundaries, Vestigial 47 explores human behavior and relevant mundane themes. Its prints showcase much sophistication drawing influence from metaphysical topics bonded with a strong adherence to advocacy. Apart from the messages spoken through the graphics, the brand also offers cropped Y2K-tee variations—surely unique in style and bound to turn heads in the process.

Worn Expressions

Shops: Instagram

Worn Expressions – also known as Wednesday – is a brand like no other brand. Not only do they offer statement graphic tees, but they also offer custom garments. Worn Expressions also does a lot for the culture, making the flea market culture in the Philippines a welcoming community by contributing to the Season Pass flea market, one of the largest flea markets in the Philippines.

What sets them apart among other brands are their statement and belief to fight for a better tomorrow and battle the injustices in the Philippines, and it translates to some of their pieces. This shows that Worn Expressions are not only doing this for their benefit, but also for the benefit of the mass.

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