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‘Bolomons’ Are Your Sneaker’s Next Best Friend

Ilyang Ilyang introduces its “Bolomon” accessory, a subtle crocheted piece resting on the tongue of a sneaker that embraces endless expression.
Bolomons, Ilyang Ilyang
James Francisco

Novices to the long-winding rabbit hole of sneakers may recently or subtly come across  Annecy, France’s 1947 birthchild, Salomon

From its original outdoor sports distinction, the brand surfaces onto the streets as a canvas for a myriad of expression, noting several renowned collaborations such as Atmos, JJJJound, and Sandy Liang among others.
While its silhouettes continue to take up space on sneakerheads’ shelves or as the everyday option, Ilyang Ilyang’s crochet prowess complements personal style with its crochet blooms, resting elegantly on its Quicklacing buckle.

Instagram: @ilyang.ilyang

What began as a hobby and was further honed during the pandemic, Ilyang Ilyang founder Daphne Berlin tributes her late-“badass crochet queen” great-grandmother through the creation of her brand, which was introduced to display her experiments, connect with the vast crochet community, and possibly as an added income source. It was when she acquired the Salomon XT-6 GTX in late November 2023 that generated a light bulb occurrence, toying with her pair and injecting unique flair the way she knows how to.

Four months later and after countless inquiries (mine included), Ilyang Ilyang introduces the “Bolomon,” a floral accessory attachable to the laces through magnetic clasps on its rear. A playful wordplay of “Bolo” and “Salomon,” Berlin saw similarities between Salomon’s Quicklace system and bolo tie, with its pull-to-secure structure, securely fastens the foot with stride.

Instagram: @ilyang.ilyang

What was once a playful take on elevating a sneaker opened doors for the Ilyang Ilyang founder, collaborating with Salomon Sportsyle in their regional releases, allowing her to showcase her artistry, bound for worldwide exposure.

“For an accessory that looks so simple and functions so simply, it’s been a crazy ride. It brought so many opportunities that I didn’t expect,” Berlin tells Complex Philippines. 

“I was able to make custom shoes for them for the launch of the Speedcross 3 and we also did a quiet launch of the Bolomons in Salomon Beijing (apparently the Bolomons were a hit in China last year lol). Still lots in store. Hopefully, we get to see them soon!” she added.

Berlin’s “Bolomon” is available for order through Ilyang Ilyang’s Instagram page as international customers may find her crocheted blooms on the Girls Who Dress Like Boys website.

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