What is the GOAT Sneaker? Sneakerheads Answer

What is the GOAT Sneaker? Sneakerheads Answer

And the GOAT sneaker is… Everyone has their pick for the greatest sneaker of all time. Would you go with the stylish Jordans and Air Force 1s? The old-school Vans and Converses? The comfy New Balances and Yeezys? Apart from style and comfort, sentimentality is also taken into account. Maybe Converse wins out due to […]

Best Black Sneakers Available in the Market

best black sneakers thumbnaill

We really can’t deny that sneakers are getting more and more creative and playful – that’s amazing. But sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing bright and colorful sneakers. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t look good.  Sometimes black sneakers are the way to go and here are the best available in stock right now. Vans […]

Converse Taps Al James, Kiana V For its All Star Anthem

Converse All Star Anthem feat. Al James and Kiana V

Converse enters the music scene by tapping premier Filipino talent for its first-ever release. Kiana V and Al James collaborated on a track called “Tunog Pinoy” to introduce Filipino street culture and music to the world. The song combines Kiana and Al’s voices with the sounds of the busy streets of the Philippines – such […]