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How to Style Wide-Leg Pants

How to Style Wide-Leg Pants
James Francisco

It isn’t rocket science when it comes to choosing a pair of pants. Shorts may reign in the tropics, though as secondary as the utility of pants comes, they will forever be a formidable wardrobe staple for less casual occasions. With its skinny relative peering from a distance, the resurgence of wide-leg pants supplements the sophisticated laid-back lifestyle, posing no indication of leaving.

Trying something new may be good—especially embracing the wide-leg aesthetic. Need several pointers before embarking on the trend? Don’t fret as we lay out some basics when introducing a new member into the coveted closet space.

Be sure to take your measurements

As quick as it is to add the item to the cart or comment on the ever-spammed “grab” or “steal,” there will always be this sense of concern, knowing if the pair will live up to personal expectations. Although one can never be too sure when purchasing online, at times, the waistline and length remain the sole consideration when looking for a fresh piece. With wide-structured renditions being more flexible in width, it does not discount the fact of disregarding the hem nor the leg opening to drape slightly over what is on foot.

Shopping online may seem more accessible though it eludes the ability to try on garments or if they’re truly up to your liking. On this note, take the initiative of thoroughly measuring and being as in-depth with the respective sellers. Consider how you like the bottom hem to stack—the longer the pair, the more it would layer over your shoes. For future reference, take note of the waist, length, inseam, hem, and leg opening (personally, go for around 8”-9.5”) to ensure everything checks out perfectly.

Research, research, research!

I continuously praise the resurgence of wide-leg pants due to their elusiveness—not restricted to a “type” or “structure,” but a similar silhouette brimming with variety. There are wide-legged options available in varying textiles and cuts—such as denim, leather, chino, linen, etc., so it’s best to seek a muse or an idea of the style to adapt.

With vintage tides turning, more one-of-a-kind garments continue to resurface—especially on the spectrum of bottoms. When purchasing online, it is best to be picky and thorough with what may work best, but if given the opportunity, try them out in-store, as we’d recommend this alternative.

Experiment with varying flavors

With bottoms highlighting the outfit, venture beyond what is niche and add a hint of personal touch. Feel free to pair the leading role with a “league-fits” ensemble up top and on foot, possibly with a cropped tee to highlight length (following the “Rule of Thirds”), layering with jackets or cardigans, and a fresh pair of trainers or heels.

As versatile as wide-leg bottoms are, their heavy appearance means to be complemented, not overpowered. If you’re going for more of a “baggy Kanye-inspired” aesthetic, feel free to exploit the thickness of your garment, maybe until looking like post-NBA Michael Jordan. If you’re worried about their appearance, always account for balance being the key to culmination.

Above all, it is essential to embrace and channel all the colorful facets within, procuring a style that is individually and wholly yours—partnered with wide-leg pair or two.

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