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Local TikTok and Instagram Creators to Elevate Your Styling

Local TikTok Creators
James Francisco

Social media establishes itself as the largest runway, with the world embarking on new-found and timeless fashion perspectives. Given the overall high volume of daily usage, it is understandable why brands continue to elevate their image on these channels. Notable players such as Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok are merely virtual closets—with creators paving the way for circuity of what’s hip or trendy.

The Philippines is recognized as a hub for extensive social media consumption and fashion. Never really straying from Westernized trends, the nation merely chooses to adapt—providing unique individual influence to what is recognized globally. It is worth noting that not everything that pops on your screen would align with every individual’s styling, though there are definitely some that would keep you geared toward how it would be effective.

From the plethora of local icons, here are several Instagram and TikTok creators worth noting to draw inspiration and discover personal expression.

Jeff Ong

Account/s: Instagram, TikTok

Jeff Ong draws influence from surging streetwear trends coupled with pop-culture flare. As many of his fits are “experimental” in nature, he looks to icons such as Tyler the Creator, Daniel Simmons, and Justin Bieber, as well as several Korean Idols and NBA fashion-forward players. His vision extends beyond what is trendy globally, rooted in the convergence of local and international cultures. Whether paired with a Blank Six Tee or Sports Paradise Mesh Shorts, to him, what remains essential is what’s on foot—accentuating the entirety of the fit.

JP De Leon

Account/s: Instagram, TikTok

“Versatility, mixed with class” is how JP De Leon describes his unique approach. With his relatively mood-centric wardrobe selection, he finds inspiration through Pinterest—gravitating towards a more minimalist street-dominated aesthetic. Delving into the basics, you can find him sipping a cup of joe or along the streets of Makati, providing something timeless and trendy.

Matt Santiago

Account/s: Instagram, TikTok

As you’ve probably witnessed his game on the hardwood, Matt Santiago’s clean and minimalist style translates both on and off the court. The former Fighting Maroon goes deep into his bag, providing many options—from knitwear to button-down polo shirts and dabbling slightly in wool-crafted products. He draws inspiration from fashion creator Daniel Simmons and current Los Angeles Laker guard, crowned champion of the 2019 GQ NBA Style Showdown, D’Angelo Russell. He speaks highly about balance in the pursuit of combining smart casual and more casual options, with the selection of bottoms being a “crucial” staple to the entirety of the fit.

Gela Muñoz

Account/s: Instagram, TikTok

Gela Muñoz's unique fashion takes breathe unconventionality—integrating edgy, street, and feminine themes. The Agape Design Studio co-founder seeks influence mainly through Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest, yet looks to personalities, such as Undressed Podcast host Ines Silva. Apart from these channels, she mentions the pivotal direction of stylist Lyn Alumno when it comes to exploration and the development of her current fashion perspective. Ultimately, she chooses what she is “most excited about” and builds around it.

Bea Marin

Account/s: Instagram

Rooted in individual representation, Bea Marin seeks balance in delving into masculine and feminine options. She continues to elevate her wardrobe through mere experimentation, as it is with the androgynous approach where she finds beauty and comfort. Straying from external influences, she realizes that what works for her is rooted in spontaneity and the ability to wear what distinctly describes her.

“I think when you start to dress for yourself, that’s when your style really shines through,” she mentions.

Jeline Catt

Account/s: Instagram, TikTok

Jeline Catt regards herself as sophisticatedly feminine, though she can also be mood-dependent. When looking for direction, her influences include American model Kiko Mizuhara and former Victoria's Secret Angel Elsa Hosk. Regarding the everyday approach, she selects what she feels would exemplify her unique expression, as her mood paves to be a prominent driver in her decisions.

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