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A Sneakerhead’s Holiday Gift Guide This December

James Francisco

The holidays are regarded as a season of togetherness and gratitude, though inadvertently, a sneakerhead’s favorite time of the year. As calendars countdown the days until the 25th, December of 2023 embraces the Christmas spirit through sought-after releases, with many hoping for a “Reverse Grinch” effect under their trees.

Whether or not the sneaker raffle odds are in your favor, striking out may merit a consolation prize with your efforts. It may not be the pair you’ve been hoping for, but several alternatives can bring warmth to a sneakerhead’s cold (and sometimes) bitter heart or even a gift to a fellow supporter of the “culture.”

Complex Philippines lists down several budget and gifting options to culminate the year of sneakers, by sneakerheads, for sneakerheads.

Anti-Crease Protector

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december anti crease protector

Price: ₱39
Where to buy: (Shopee)

Getting wear out of sneakers remains as any footwear’s focal point, though for some, a slight crease on the toe box may result in an inner ocd breakthrough. While there is no solution to avoid the inevitable marks, shoe shields can mitigate the problem—though at the expense of a slight discomfort.

Flexible Plastic Shoe Tree

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december shoe tree

Price: ₱49
Where to buy: (Shopee)

Sneakers hold a finite lifespan, which tends to show through their scuffs, cracks, and (sadly) separations. Part of the enjoyment of a pair comes with the need for care, as flexible shoe trees keep their shape and limit creasing over time.

Fabric and Shoes Deodorizer Pill

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december shoe deodorizer pill

Price: ₱89
Where to buy: (Shopee)

Stench through repeated wear is almost unavoidable. Considering the sweat and bacteria build-up caused by a day’s or even a week’s worth of usage, the good ‘ol vinegar-water solution may do the trick, though a deodorizer pill may just give an extra hint of freshness to remove any traces of lifelessness.

Mini Sneaker Display

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december mini sneaker desk display

Price: ₱198
Where to buy: (Shopee)

The first of our several sneaker-room recommendations comes in Jordan 1s—iconic enough to be distinguished and small enough to be displayed side table or workstation.

Stackable Acrylic Front/Side Drop Shoe Box

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december acrylic sneaker box

Price: ₱340
Where to buy: Front drop (Shopee)

Price: ₱400
Where to buy: Side drop (Shopee)

Acrylic cases provide a one-up when it comes to storage and display. Seeing cardboard shoe boxes on shoe boxes stacked in a pillar-like formation presents an overwhelming sight, though even more eye-catching when the heat displayed is viewable from the outside. Whether opting for a front or side angle of the pair, its magnetic case utility gives sneakerheads the option of varied displays depending on preference and space, ushering utmost accessibility and satisfaction.

La Sole Manila’s Sneaker Cleaning Kit (4 in 1)

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december sneaker cleaning kit

Price: ₱398
Where to buy: (Shopee)

La Sole Manila delivers a one-stop solution for everything needed to bring life back into sneakers through its “4-in-1 Sneaker Cleaning Kit.” A care package for those who despise seeing their kicks ravaged by the naturals, it comes with 120 ml of its “Premium Shoe Cleaner,” “Odor Eliminator,” “Liquid Stain Protect,” and a “Cleaning Shoe Brush with Handle,” discounting the lengthy trips to the cleaners.

Sneaker Mold Scented Candle

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december sneaker mold scented candle

Price: ₱512-₱565 (depending on the design)
Where to buy: (Shopee)

Candles are ideal when setting a warm holiday mood, though imagine seeing the wick burning off a favorite in the rotation. Romeesa Molds Store offers do-it-yourself candles with the option to integrate preferred scents through a sneaker—a subtle reminder of an on-foot treasure or possibly the one that got away.

Crep Protect Rain and Stain Barrier for Sneakers

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december crep protect rain and stain barrier

Price: ₱846
Where to buy: (Shopee)

Crep Protect’s decade-long reputation precedes it, known for its cleaning expertise—especially on the stain-repellent front. The “Rain and Stain Barrier for Sneakers” protects against pours and accidental spills, providing a layer of reassurance during even the most unfortunate of scenarios.

Sneaker Coffee Table Books

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december sneaker coffee table books

1000 Sneakers: A Guide to the World's Greatest Kicks
Price: ₱1,699
Where to buy: (Shopee)

World's Greatest Sneaker Collectors
Price: ₱3,999
Where to buy: (Shopee)

Sneaker Freaker: The Ultimate Sneaker Book
Price: ₱ 3,999
Where to buy: (Shopee)

We’ve previously tackled several coffee table staples to add flavor to the space, and the holidays are no different. Present the gift of nostalgia to the avid sneaker-lover (or to yourself), skimming through pages of footwear history and the stories that allowed sneakers to thrive.

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop
Price: ₱2,999
Where to buy: ‘Micro’/Mini Version (Shopee)
Where to buy: ‘Midnight’/Glow in the Dark Version (Shopee)

Basketball and sneakers are almost inseparable, considering the sport’s influence on sneaker history. Arguably the Filipino’s favorite pastime, SKLZ transports the beloved hardwood action to the comfort of home through their “Pro Basketball Mini Hoop,” perfect for beside one-on-ones or even when off-cam, on a call.

Katha Sneaker Backpack

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a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december katha sneaker backpack

Katha Backpack ‘Vampire'
Price: ₱2,107.20
Where to buy: (Lazada)

Retreating out of town or out of the country is a luxury many sneakerheads experience as Katha presents a haven for footwear strapped across one’s shoulders. Its “Vampire” backpack is one among several colorways, though what better way to travel with kicks carefully stored than in a case that screams “Christmas” through its red-black threads and a laptop compartment for additional space?

VAULV Sneaker Duffle

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december vaulv sneaker duffle

VAULV Duffle 015
Price: ₱3,799
Where to buy: ‘Black-Grey’ (Lazada)
Where to buy: ‘Black-Magenta’ (Lazada)
Where to buy: ‘Black-Orange’ (Lazada)
Where to buy: ‘Triple-Black’ (Lazada)

VAULV’s “Sneaker Duffle” is another commendable alternative for those who wish to transport their pairs firmly gripped on the side. Repping a primarily black persona, its utility presents much ease when on the road or storage in the overhead compartment, possessing water-resistant capabilities and a built-in laptop sleeve for an all-in-one on-the-go experience.

Levitating Sneaker Display

a sneakerheads holiday gift guide this december levitating sneaker display

Price: ₱3,780
Where to buy: (Shopee)

A staple when it comes to accentuating the sneaker space is showcasing one’s grails, and what better way to display coveted silhouettes than suspending them several centimeters in the air? La Sole Manila delivers its “Levitating Sneaker Display,” made possible by magnetic currents—one placed on the inside-sole portion of the sneaker and the other constructed in the device. Its built-in fan possesses a small air hole, giving it a 360-degree rotation feature, capturing every angle of the prized possession.

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