Sneaker Deals of the Week: Nike Runners and Trainers

Sneaker Deals of the Week - Nike runners and trainers

Sneaker deals to get more bang for your buck The evolution of runners and trainers continues to transcend their mere utility. From its inception on the track oval to the present era, similar silhouettes populate global fashion and street culture, straying away from its original application as solely ‘running shoes’. Suitable for the everyday go-getter […]

Sneaker Deals of the Week: The Classic Nikes

Sneaker Deals - The Classic Nikes

Sneaker deals featuring timelessness coupled with trendiness With ‘vintage’ pairs being retro-ed left and right, the present continues to take a stroll down memory lane. In just the last six (6) months, we’ve seen the reemergence of the coveted ‘84 Chicagos and the reimagined ‘88 White Cements. as 2023 keeps us fellow sneaker-stans on our […]

Sneaker Deals of the Week: Jordan, Air Force 1, and More

Sneaker Deals of the Week - Complex PH

Sneaker deals that won’t leave your wallet bruised Copping sneakers that look great with your fit don’t have to break the bank. Sure, the Jordan 3 “White Cement” might turn heads, but the PHP 11.5K price tag is already an eyebrow-raiser, even more on the resale market. There are plenty of sneaker deals outside of […]