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Scottish Vlogger Criticizes Filipinos Lingering in Cafes, Triggers Debate

Scottish Vlogger
James Francisco

For many Filipinos of the workforce/student population, cafes populated around the metro situate as a second home. Utilizing the space’s amenities, albeit sometimes borderline exploitation of its resources, many find these establishments as safe havens, ushering productivity with a soothing cup of joe, shared individually or in groups.

While this outlook is somewhat of an accepted unwritten rule when it comes to lingering in Filipino cafes, Scottish vlogger Dale Philip took to social media with his controversial thoughts, coming upon a branch filled to the brim with customers glued to their screens.

@dalephilipvlogs Laptop Loitering Digital Nomads at Starbucks 🇵🇭 I visited SM City Mall in Baguio, Philippines. I was considering getting a Matcha Latte from Starbucks but when I saw it was full of laptop loitering digital nomads, I changed my mind. #Baguio #Philippines #Travel #TravelVlog #SoloTravel #BudgetTravel ♬ original sound – Dale Philip

TikTok: @dalephilipvlogs

Philip’s content revolves around his travels, interactions with the local culture, and critical takes, documenting his journey through several Asian countries in a somewhat “unfiltered” lens. 

Part 30 of his “Philippines playlist” features a Starbucks in SM City Mall Baguio, where complains of the dense foot traffic and questions the policy of businesses that allow sit-down customers for hours, utilizing the cafe like a “personal office.” He dwelled on the approach of Filipinos who take advantage of the services of cafes to accomplish work possible from their homes instead of causing inconvenience. 

“(The customers) use your WiFi, use your electricity, buy like one coffee. So I don’t understand why they let people do that,” the Scottish vlogger mentioned.

He continued, critiquing a friend who would visit coffee shops daily, “taking his laptop to hang out, thinking he was cool,” and even distinguishing those who do so as “digital gonads.”

On X (formerly Twitter), Filipinos are split—some siding with the Scottish vlogger and others infuriated by his comment. While many deem such locations conducive to their productivity, a single order in exchange for hours spent “lingering” can be a questionable practice. It can also limit seating availability.

Others regard the statement as insensitive, taking a “first-world perspective” and placing it in a third-world environment. Netizens noted the unfavorable conditions at home—limited access to suitable public infrastructure, air conditioning, and internet connectivity as their reasons for resorting to cafes. 

While many do not possess the privilege of an effective work-from-home setup, cafes pose a one-stop nook that promotes comfort and an atmosphere conducive to work.

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6 months ago

He has a point. If you don’t agree/like his opinion then unfollow him…

Edmon T. Coquia
Edmon T. Coquia
5 months ago

Bumili kasi kayo ng kape kung ayaw nyo magkape kahit cake o dessert kahit takeout, pakitain nyo naman yung starbucks, may mga babayarin na tubig, renta, kuryente pati sahod ng mga employee at tax. Huwag kang umupo lang buhayin mo yung businees para magtagal at maraming mapagsilbihang tao at bayan. Maging dahilan para gumulong ang ekonomiya ng bayan.BUMILI KAYO NG MGA IBINEBENTA NILA. At huwag namang buong araw.

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