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Moira Teases First Diss Track “EME”

James Francisco

There are moments that merit a swear word or two. Rappers cuss to add flavor to their diss tracks. Your friend uses them to emphasize an outrageous story. I let one rip when I stub my toe on the table because that sh*t hurts like hell.

However, there are people you don’t expect to have a sailor’s vocab, let alone a diss track. Moira Dela Torre is one of them. Sweet and soft-spoken Moira, who has produced my fave lullaby album to date. But I’d imagine getting cheated on during a high-profile relationship is a good start to waking up and choosing violence.

The OPM star recently held a “hugot”-filled concert for fans, which included a revision to her wedding song “Tagpuan,” previously dedicated to estranged husband, Jason Hernandez. Moira also opened the event with “Paubaya,” which featured ex-couple Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto.

But it was her unreleased songs referencing her failed marriage that sent the Internet into a frenzy. One called “EME” sees lyrics like “Wala naman akong kasalanan / Wag kang parang g*go / Kung magkaron man ng bago / Di ko kailangan magpaalam / Sa ilang taong nangloko / Nagpaalam ka ba?”

Talk about bars.

@tipidhacksss Ngayon lang nagmura si moira sa kanta nya. ctto to the owner (C) #moiraconcert #moirasongeme #moiraconcert2023 ♬ original sound – TipidHackss‼️

Another unreleased track carries the more familiar Moira vibe but lays the smackdown nonetheless. The song goes, “You said you made a mistake / But isn’t a mistake only a mistake if it’s one time,” implying that Hernandez had multiple infidelities.

“Wasted five years of my life,” the lyrics continue. Yikes. This is the closest the Philippines will come to a celebrity roast.

Moira and Jason Hernadez announced their split in May 2022 after three years of marriage. Hernandez captioned the announcement admitting that he had been unfaithful during the relationship. He has since tackled the theme of regret with the songs “All I Can Do” and “Ako Nalang.”

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