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Good Old Days 2: Things You Missed

Good Old Days 2
James Francisco

ICYMI, Season Pass introduced its second installment of the biggest annual community flea market: Good Old Days 2, this past Easter Sunday. The crowds came flocking, shoulder-to-shoulder, and sifting through over 80 merchants housed in the Elements at Centris.

Enthusiasts were greeted with a vintage-infused experience, as the afternoon was not short of tieing international flavors with local flare. Not only was the event an epicenter for the trade of timelessness but the gathering of the rich Filipino-vintage/streetwear community.

Craving for more? The local vintage juggernaut continues to hold bi-monthly community flea markets, providing a similar condensed experience—though for now, here are a couple of sights from Good Old Days 2 that may have slipped under your radar.

Exploring vintage

The vintage tides continue to rise as yesterday’s fashion moves toward the future. Good Old Days 2 was not short of reminiscing the past, with merchants offering a vast array of apparel, footwear, and accessories, as Gen-Z members like me beg the question of their existence in the present.

From exclusive Sean Stüssy pieces and Carhartt workwear staples to movie tees dated back to the early ‘90s, the experience was indeed overwhelming—being able to co-exist with mementos of the past.

Innovative staples

Good Old Days 2 provided vintage-fused themes, with innovation being a headlining approach. Apart from the multitudes of single-stitch tees and pre-loved goods, several vendors took a more personal approach, coupling their spin with past pieces.

Revibe Culture offers reworked pieces rooted in expression and sustainability. Their unique 1-of-1 garments merges classic pre-loved streetwear brands and vintage silhouettes, continuing to breathe new life through their peering features.

Through “creating more, consuming less,” Karma Collective produces upcycled apparel pieces, looking into craftsmanship and artistic inspiration. The creative arm of The Vintage Junkie Manila looks into the deconstruction and reconstruction of vintage apparel aligning with local themes and one-of-a-kind garments.

Notable grails

The experience of finding grails when scavenging through Good Old Days 2 compared with your local ukay was uncanny. From the multitudes of pieces available, treasures were buried deep within its racks and bins, though several prized possessions were displayed in the open.

Foreign Manila delves into streetwear essentials, providing a variety of pieces from in-demand streetwear brands in pristine conditions. In partnership with Frugal Fresh, booth 75 offered the coveted Nike Air Yeezy 1 ‘Zen Grey,” initially released in 2009 as Kanye West’s debut line for the Swoosh.

Other notables include a rare-2010 John Mayer band tee from Bistmnl, with the iconic rock-pop blues icon draped on the front of the piece. ‘98 The Mask Movie tees and a 90s Todd McFarlane Spider-Man tee from AncienMNL, featuring a duel between the web-slinger and his iconic symbiote counterpart, were other standouts.

What you could’ve experienced

Apart from filling up your eco-bag with goodies from the event, Good Old Days 2 featured several activities to culminate the vintage-filled weekend. On the left-most portion of the vintage mecca, performances, auctions, and raffles were carried out on the main stage.

Heading to the opposite end of the vicinity brings you to several photo booth opportunities, providing vintage-aesthetic shots accompanied by classic props, backdrops, and grainy-like portraits to populate your feed—an ideal souvenir draped with a blast from the past.

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