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Tyler, the Creator Says ‘Is Still a Dipstick’ While Detailing Black Eyed Peas’ Influence on Him

Tyler the Creator and
James Francisco

Tyler, the Creator is giving and the Black Eyed Peas their flowers a decade after he unloaded on the frontman, particularly praising “the great ear Will had for samples.”

On Saturday, Tyler took to social media to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the group’s debut LP Behind the Front. In a heartfelt post on Twitter, the two-time Grammy-winner credited the project—one of the first hip-hop albums he owned—with inspiring him to write his first rap at seven years old.

Before honoring the Behind the Front, Tyler made sure to throw a quick shot at “dipstick” for old times’ sake.”will. i. am is still a dipstick BUT 25 years ago Behind The Front by the Black Eyed Peas (1998) released,” Tyler wrote. “One of the first hip hop albums i owned. 7 years old, i wrote my first rap to the second half of ‘positivity’ (starts around the 5 minute mark). ‘the way you make me feel’ (my favorite) melds perfectly with kim hills vocals, ‘joints and jams’ simple yet incredible video is still something i awe over and ‘love wont wait’…sheesh…still amazing! this album was my introduction to the sounds of bossa nova cause of the great ear will had for samples, which led to him doing that sergio mendes project almost a decade later. thank you for helping shape my ear and getting me started to write words down.”

Will quote-tweeted Tyler, gushing with positivity.

“Thanks for the LOVE… I’m beyond proud of you… You’re an amazing contribution to the world of music and all things creative,” he wrote.

Back in October 2013 Tyler unleashed an iconic Twitter rant aimed at after he gave Tyler advice regarding “selling out.” The Odd Future leader believed Will was implying that Tyler would have to sell out in order to reach a larger audience.

“I made a bet with for a million bucks that I will be making money 10 years from now doing what I love and not what makes the most,” he wrote. His barrage shed light on his interaction with Will, which apparently took place at an industry event. “This n***a really walked up to me telling me about myself 10 years from now. N***a fuck you. Now Ima go out of my way to prove you wrong.”

The then-22-year-old accused of “plotting on my fucking downfall” simply because the latter “makes shit he hates and doesn’t like himself.” He also blasted Will for sacrificing his talents to create “butt shit” for more money.

Admitting the Black Eyed Peas’ 1998 debut was one of the first hip-hop albums he “ever liked,” Tyler promised to use’s comments as motivation, issuing a bold prediction for his future.

“In 10 years he’ll be 50 and I’ll be 32 making movies (not even in them) Watch. Wolf Haley director section will be poppin suck my whole shit,” wrote the soon-to-be globally-renowned artist.

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