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Drake Teases Tour and 2023 Album

James Francisco

In the midst of a performance that doubled as a career retrospective, Drake inserted a fleeting tease: he’s going on tour this year.

Drizzy performed a reported 40+ song setlist at the historic Apollo Theatre in Harlem, spanning all seven solo albums, ranging from the biggest hits to rarely-performed tracks. Drake likened the concert as a show of “gratitude” and saw his closest family and friends in the industry among the audience. The stage itself would reminisce about the 36-year-old’s journey, transforming from his childhood bedroom (where he wrote most of his songs), a record label boardroom, to a Harlem street corner.

In a night that also featured performances from New York hip-hop royalties, Drake would also bring out rapper 21 Savage, with whom he collaborated for the 2022 album “Her Loss”. Both teased a joint tour in the middle of the set, with Drake saying “we’re gonna be out on the road this summer.” He also reportedly hinted at a 2023 album to the audience, assuring fans that his storied career is only about to get bigger.

By the end of the set, Drake appeared humbled by those in attendance, a change of pace from his more outgoing persona. “I appreciate all of those people that stick by me. I know it’s like a cool thing to be like ‘fuck Drake’ but I deeply appreciate everybody for continuing to support us.”

“I’ve thought about a bunch of things in life, but at this moment in time none of those things are stopping making music for you, so I’ll be here for you for a little bit at least,” he promised per Variety.

“I hope I can strike up more emotions for you. Maybe this year – I might get bored and make another one. Who knows?”

Drake would cap off the show bewildered by the sheer gravitas of his career. “I don’t know how the fuck we made it here, but we did.”

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