Manila Named Top City Destination in 2023

Manila Top City Destination 2023

Manila reached international recognition as the World Travel Awards (WTA)’s “World’s Leading City Destination” in 2023—the first major award of the Philippines, according to the city government. The country’s capital city bested 22 nations in the category, triumphing over “Dubai, UAE; Las Vegas, USA; London, England; Lyon, France; Melbourne, Australia; New York, USA; Queenstown, New […]

5 More Picks for PH Global Tourism Ambassador

PH Tourism Ambassador

Who got next as PH Tourism Ambassador? There was a bit of Internet fuss over Vanessa Hudgens and her appointment as the Philippines Global Tourism Ambassador (GTA). On paper, Hudgens is a no-brainer: she’s half-Filipina, has millions upon millions of followers across social (Instagram: 49M), and is a Hollywood actor that starred in a film […]