‘The Expendables’ Teases Sequel After Almost a Decade

The Expendables 4th Trailer

With Stallone at the helm, the mercenary troop returns after a near-10-year hiatus, providing yet another star-studded installment of The Expendables franchise. “We’ll die when we’re dead,” “Expend4bles” trailer taps into its action-adventure roots through a vast influx of explosives, fighting montages, and machine gun shells compared to its predecessors. The Lionsgate-produced trailer recognizes the […]

Ranking the “Rocky” & “Creed” Franchises, Worst to Best

Creed & Rocky Franchises

It is difficult to conceive of a Rocky movie without Sylvester Stallone, especially because the franchise was entirely his vision. He wrote the screenplay for the first movie, and when it came time to sell it, he turned down a massive payday from a big studio, just so he could play the title role himself. […]