‘GTA VI’ Teen Hacker Sentenced to Hospital Prison Indefinitely

GTA VI Teen Hacker

A hacker who leaked clips from the upcoming Grand Theft Auto VI will be sent to a hospital prison. Forbes reports that 18-year-old Arion Kurtaj was sentenced to remain in the UK facility until he’s no longer a threat to the public. In August, he was found guilty of hacking Rockstar Games and companies like […]

The Best Video Games of 2023, Ranked

Best Video Games of 2023

It’s a cruel irony that 2023 was one of the best years for video games, but it was simultaneously one of the most difficult years for the people who make them. Massive layoffs resulted in over 6,000 video game workers losing their jobs, a sobering reminder of the breadth and scale of this multibillion-dollar industry, […]

GTA VI Will Feature Series’ First Female Protagonist


Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is recognizable as one of the industry’s most successful titles, noting its nearly 30-year reign on the spectrum of the greatest video game franchises. The immersive action-adventure series teases the sixth installment of its main line with the release of GTA 6’s Official Trailer, set for a 2025 release on […]

Apex Legends Introduces Its First Filipino Character

Apex Legends Filipino Character

History has evidenced the emergence of locally-inspired characters in globally acclaimed video games, as free-to-play battle royale-shooter Apex Legends welcomes Conduit to its Storm Point Arena. Reportedly categorized as a support character, the agent of Filipino descent eyes a debut come the October 31, 2023 update, joining the list of 24 playable agents in-game. YouTube: […]

Pinoy-Designed Spidey Suits Debut on PS5’s Spider-Man 2

Pinoy-Designed Spidey Suits

Everyone’s favorite web-slinger emerges onto the PlayStation (PS) 5, upgraded through a next-generation makeover. Apart from its dynamic in-game experience, updated 4K resolution, and the Parker-Morales storyline, Spider-Man’s iconic threads seep into the successor of the 2018 (Marvel’s Spider-Man) and 2020 (Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales) titles—two of which are proudly-Filipino designed. Former Filipino Marvel Senior […]

‘Call of Duty’ features Kevin Durant as Playable Character

Kevin Durant Call of Duty

First-person shooter franchise Call of Duty introduces the two-time National Basketball Association (NBA) Champion, Kevin Durant, as a playable character. Set to be accessible by the community in May 2023, the Slim Reaper’s feature in the 2022 reboot of ‘Modern Warfare 2’ marks the cager as the fourth immortalized athlete—with Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and […]

Valve Reveals Counter-Strike 2 as Free Replacement for CS: GO

Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2 comes with a limited beta test for select users A new installment of the beloved Counter-Strike series is expected to release this summer of 2023. The classic first-person-shooter franchise continues to thrive in the present gaming scene with its current title of over a decade, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO), still being of […]

5 of The Best Esports Games To Get You Started

Esports Games thumbnail

To say esports is big in the Philippines is a gross understatement. With esports teams, like TNC Predator, a team best known for topping international Dota 2 tournaments, and Blacklist International, who recently reclaimed the top spot at the MPL PH S10 Grand Finals, the industry is booming. Philippine esports has become a legitimate and […]