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Floyd Mayweather’s 2-Year-Old Grandson Shows Off His Shadowboxing Skills

Floyd Mayweather
James Francisco

Floyd Mayweather must be a proud grandfather after a video clip of his 2-year-old grandson showing off some shadowboxing skills surfaced online.

On Friday, the boxing champ took to his Instagram with a post showing his grandson, Kentrall Gaulden Jr., showing off some boxing moves on top of a kitchen counter. The toddler put his fists up and threw jabs and uppercuts while displaying solid footwork.

Floyd’s grandson also has an Instagram page where some videos were shared of him spending time with his grandfather. One clip, in particular, showed Kentrall standing close by and watching Mayweather getting some practice in with a trainer. This isn’t the first time Floyd has shown Kentrall the art of boxing. 

In March, the 46-year-old shared an IG video of himself playfully sparring with the 2-year-old at home. Despite being so little, the child kept trying to land a punch on his much bigger grandfather who kept telling him to “fight back.”

Last year, Floyd posted another video of Kentrall watching him train inside a ring with a caption that served as a message to the little boy about the elder Mayweather’s passion for the sport. According to Floyd Mayweather, he’s not going to leave boxing alone.

“Grandson, I’m very thankful for your great Granddad teaching me the sweet science of boxing, to hit and not get hit,” Floyd wrote. “I believe in working smarter, not harder. I retired from the sport undefeated with all my accolades and on my own terms. 

“Even in retirement, I’m still able to milk the game of boxing, continuing to make 8 figures or more. I will continue to do exhibition bouts making tons of money and people from all around the world will continue to pay because my hustle is just different.”Given all the boxing knowledge Kentrall is soaking up at such an early age, he may have a bright future in the sport. Even if that doesn’t work out, he can also go the route his superstar father, NBA YoungBoy, took with his rap career.

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