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8 Filipino Basketball Storytellers To Tune In To

Complex Philippines looks at the top basketball-related platforms, tacking the most iconic and in-depth storytellers that capture the country’s best.
Filipino basketball storytellers
James Francisco

Basketball is the Philippines’ most popular sport. So, it’s only fitting that the right minds from the Filipino folk have emerged to tell the tale of the game from its rich history, most recent developments, and where the next generations will be taking it.

With the growth of different social media platforms, more and more individuals have seized the opportunity of sharing their own takes and analyses of Filipino basketball on a much broader scale where the public can key into their own discussions—whether in agreement or in discourse. 

But who amongst them are the most insightful? The most impactful? The ones that can tell Filipino basketball’s story the best? In no particular order, Complex Philippines highlights the content creators that you need to tune into when it comes to learning more about the Pinoy game. 

Keep in mind, that this list was made on three factors: their content, their community, and their niche. It’s important to know how each of these storytellers portray the game, how they relate it to their audience, and how easy they can make an outsider understand Filipino basketball. Their following should be able to solidify their credibility then with the opinions they make. Through all of this, they must have content that is unique to them from others.

Honorable mentions

The Scoreboard

YouTube: The Scoreboard

Subscribers: 708,000

With his distinct voice that may have already come across your feed, The Scoreboard produces play-by-play highlights and updates on the recent happenings from everything basketball.

HoopX Basketball PH

YouTube: HoopX Basketball PH

Subscribers: 872,000

HoopX Basketball PH provides real-time updates for all of the latest in Filipino basketball from viral videos, player and game showcases, and comedic content that resonates with the channel’s growing community.

The List

Hoops Highlights/Bakits

YouTube: Hoops Highlights

Subscribers: 66,600/30,700

Ize’s Hoops Highlights channel is known for its independently-produced basketball explainers, mini-documentaries, and video essays while his second account, Bakits, is dedicated to real-time analysis of the latest uprisings in the sport.

When it comes to the most substantial narrative-driven content on Filipino and global basketball, look no further than to Ize’s Hoops Highlights. Since 2019, the channel has been producing well-written and well-edited videos that dive deep into the whys and hows of the sport from the past to the present. In a timely manner, Hoops Highlights also gives its two cents on how aspects of the country’s basketball program can be further developed. Some of the page’s most popular videos to date are its analysis and opinionated videos on the Gilas Pilipinas program, which has sparked the interest of the community.

Amidst some of his main channel’s bold takes, his so-called “burner” account, Bakits, provides short-form insights on recent trends from the sport as he shares his own insights into how certain note-worthy performances by players are done. Bakits content answers the many different questions thrown around the realm of basketball and does so in a real-time way—providing basketball enthusiasts with quick turnarounds into discussions they may see rising.

If you’ve ever wondered what a cult of personality-esque Filipino basketball content creator would be like, it’s Ize with his Youtube channels. 

Let It Fly Podcast

YouTube: Let It Fly Podcast

Subscribers: 26,700

Hosted by renowned radio DJ, Tin Gamboa, and PBA veterans Jared Dillinger, Gabe Norwood, Sol Mercado, and Joe Devance, Let It Fly Podcast shares stories and experiences from some of the league’s finest—tackling the most polarizing issues in and around the court from culture, social justice, music, and more.

With week-to-week episodes that feature elite guests such as Tim Cone, Willie Marcial, and LA Tenorio, Let It Fly Podcast is where all PBA and Gilas Pilipinas stories are uncovered. Equipped with wise personalities and some of the most experienced from the highest level of PH basketball, the podcast features an “All The Smoke” vibe where stories from the insides of the game as well as in-depth analysis on recent happenings are talked about in an entertaining roundtable discussion.

For perspectives on the Pinoy game from familiar faces on and off the court, Let It Fly are your guys (and gal). 

Shoot First Podcast

YouTube: Shoot First Podcast

Subscribers: 76,700

Hosted by former professional basketball player Mikee Reyes, commentators Javi Palaña and Juanito Gregorio, and sportscaster Baileys Acot, Shoot First Podcast is best known for their funny and relatable discussions centered on Filipino basketball—coupled with the occasional guesting of popular names in their episodes.

We’ve all heard of Tito Mikee. But when he’s not putting on his next “Tito” fit or pulling pranks on his girlfriend, CK, the now sports newscaster comes back to where his content creating career started—Shoot First Podcast. Along with Javi Palaña, Juanito Gregorio, and Baileys Acot, the podcast features a student-of-the-game perspective on the game, diving deep into how and why certain decisions from the sport were made. What’s also worth noting is that the podcast has a “players-only” feel to it, which is why Filipino basketball’s biggest names have since trusted the channel and hopped onto it to be guested since its inception in 2020—giving PH stars the platform to speak their mind freely.

Watching Shoot First is just like having a casual conversation with your buddies on the biggest news from PH basketball (which you can also meet more basketball-heads in the Shoot First Community).

Nico Rocha

YouTube: Nico Rocha

Subscribers: 35,400

Sportscaster Nico Rocha’s YouTube channel is home to discussions and extensive analyses on both PH and global basketball, including credible insights from those within the game, that answer questions brought about by happenings on and off the court.

With his calm demeanor and expert insights on Filipino basketball, Nico Rocha’s “The 6th Man Podcast” is best known for its discussions on the biggest developments from all three levels of Philippine basketball: collegiate, professional, and national. As a long-time fan of the game, Rocha’s content is how a YouTube channel run by a legitimate Filipino sports analyst would be like—as he makes sure to back up the stories he covers with sources from his network. 

When he’s not on his social media platforms, Nico Rocha is prominent in many of the country’s biggest basketball events.

W Gameplay PH

YouTube: W Gameplay PH

Subscribers: 1.02M

W Gameplay PH produces short-form content that covers everything basketball related, taking into account the most relevant information on the latest stories of the sport with every video uploaded.

Arguably the most popular voice of Filipino basketball content on social media and hailed as one of the OG’s in the platform, W Gameplay PH provides quick and straight-to-the-point updates and analysis in basketball-related occurrences. Collecting timely information that covers all parts of specific topics, the channel is best known when it comes to informing a viewer of everything that has happened in a story.

You never know, you might have already binge-watched some of W Gameplay PH’s videos on your “For You” or “Reels” page.

Chad TV

YouTube: Chad TV

Subscribers: 108,000

Chad TV produces videos of basketball stories from the past, shedding light onto narratives that may have already been put to rest, aligned with content that talks about the present and narratives about the future of the sport.

Focused on telling the stories of players and teams, Chad TV is all about the foundation of the game. The channel boasts a catalog of talking about the most notable figures from the sport and what cultural relevance they may have when it comes to their impact in how basketball is today. Through his storytelling, Chad TV covers the iconic performances of players and discusses how they made a name for themselves.

As basketball continues to revolutionize, Chad TV makes sure that the next generations are aware of how the game has come to be.

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