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Syd Hartha, Sharlene San Pedro, Raco Ruiz Headline New Vans Campaign

New Vans Campaign

Vans Philippines is celebrating Filipino passion, creativity, and authenticity with its new campaign, #THISISOFFTHEWALL. The campaign spotlights three young creatives: multi-hyphenate Sharlene San Pedro, visual artist Raco Ruiz, and folk-pop artist Syd Hartha

Starting as a child actress on the long-running show “Going Bulilit”, Sharlene is also a recording artist, host, and content creator. Recently, she’s transitioned into gaming, particularly in the world of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Sharlene is known for her laid-back and informal fashion sense, which features loose-fitting shirts, relaxed hoodies, roomy shorts and jeans, stylish hats, crew socks, and comfortable sneakers. Her effortlessly stylish outfits, coupled with her determined spirit and creative character, exemplify the qualities that establish Sharlene as the embodiment of an #OFFTHEWALL woman: unconventional, authentic, dynamic, and unafraid to showcase her authentic self.

Sharlene San Pedro – Vans

Raco, a true surrealist, is more than an artist; he also excels as a director, host, and content creator. His artwork is adorned with vibrant colors that align perfectly with his cheerful personality. His art can be seen on a variety of platforms, showcasing how artistic expression can take on numerous exciting forms.

Raco's love for sneakers is a key part of his unique style. He pairs his hoodies and jeans with popular, iconic shoes that people of all ages admire. Raco embodies the spirit of #OFFTHEWALL fashion by skillfully layering sweaters and jackets, adding creativity with different prints and textures.

Raco Ruiz – Vans

In Syd Hartha's artistic journey, she draws inspiration from her innermost vulnerabilities and unwavering commitment to authenticity. Her songwriting delves into the complexities of life, love, and subjects that often challenge societal norms. As an indie musician, she has forged a deep connection with her audience by remaining true to her unique identity. Syd Hartha's multifaceted talents even extend to her proficiency in skateboarding, further exemplifying her ability to excel in various facets of her life

Syd's self-assured and sophisticated fashion sense makes her an ideal representative for #OFFTHEWALL. Unafraid to convey her individuality through form-fitting attire, patterns, and designs, she empowers women to embrace their authenticity and showcase their distinct talents to the world.

Musician and songwriter Syd Hartha for Vans Philippines

Syd Hartha – Vans

The upcoming #THISISOFFTHEWALL collections will showcase Vans' signature head-to-toe styles that reimagine 80s and 90s designs for today's audience, featuring playful prints, bold colorways, snug silhouettes, and Vans' iconic laid-back flair. Vans is set to collaborate with more artists, musicians, and athletes, so watch this space.

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