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Liza Soberano On ‘Lisa Frankenstein’ And Working With Cole Sprouse

The Fil-Am actress shares her experiences taking on her first Hollywood role, acting alongside several of the industry’s greatest and emerging stars.
James Francisco

Liza Soberano walks the red carpet, debuting through her depiction of Taffy in Zelda Rae Williams’s “Lisa Frankenstein.” While the horror-comedy feature marks her first Hollywood role, she joins industry regulars Cole Sprouse (“Five Feet Apart,” “Riverdale”), Kathryn Newton (“Gary Unmarried,” “Big Little Lies”), and Carla Gugino (“Spy Kids,” “Night At The Museum”), among others.

YouTube: Focus Features

In anticipation of its local February 7, 2024 release, Soberano provided a glimpse of her on-screen character, sharing similarities with Lisa Swallows’ (Kathryn Newton) step-sister.

“[Taffy]’s much like me. She’s such a sweetheart. She’s genuinely nice to everybody, but she also can’t help that she is her mother’s child,” she tells Media Mingle TV's “Red Carpet Report.”

“There are instances where she talks a bit too much or doesn’t say the right things sometimes, but it’s not coming from a place of malice intent. It’s just that this is what she grew up hearing and the mindset that she grew up around. So sometimes it comes out, but she doesn’t mean it in a mean way,” she mentions.

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The Fil-Am actress continued, recollecting her experience working alongside co-star Cole Sprouse, mentioning his genuineness on and off set. Though the pair reportedly only shared one scene in the coming-of-age flick, she regards the interaction as “pretty crazy,” considering his professionalism and warmth.

According to Soberano, “[Cole Sprouse] is such a veteran in this industry. He started working when he was a baby and that shows all the experience that he's been through…He's constantly making sure that everybody is comfortable on set, that everybody is prepared.”

“He's such a nice and humble guy the whole time…He never made me feel intimidated by him, which was very pleasant,” she adds.

Instagram: @lizasoberano

The 26-year-old personality emerged on the film’s press day in Los Angeles, sporting a “sleek but bold-shouldered suit-dress in a dreamy neutral beige and cream pointy pumps”—an ensemble put together by stylist Maeve Reilly who has previously worked with Megan Fox and Eva Longoria during their red carpet moments.

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