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What To Expect From Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2

Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2
James Francisco

Jujutsu Kaisen’s back, baby.

Season 1 fed us well, and the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0 gave us some good, good Yuta backstory. Season 2’s timing couldn’t be more perfect either.

The manga recently hit a game-changing narrative pivot that expectedly drove fans back to the expanded domain of the franchise. But for that twist to make sense, season 2 has to lay groundwork. Here are some predictions of what we can expect from season 2, and things we hope to see.

Gojo Best Boy

Our favorite white-haired, pretty-boy-sorcerer-with-iridescent-eyes is back, and this time we get to see a little bit of who he was in his younger days. This arc explores his relationship with Toji and the lore of the Star Plasma Vessel in relation to an entity named Master Tengen. 

Sometimes it’s easy to mistake Gojo as the protagonist of the show, considering how much JJK mangaka Gege Akutami loves to spotlight him. We’re not complaining though.

The Shibuya Arc

It’s debatable just how much of the Shibuya Arc will cover. Manga readers think of the Shibuya Arc as a prolonged gauntlet of high-level combat, chock-full of the biggest fights in the series so far. It’s the kind of arc where you see almost everybody’s power levels kick up a notch, and blood spills in tragic amounts. 

What we’re sure of though is Yuta making some sort of entrance in season 2. He was in the movie after all, it only makes sense he make an appearance to portend future events.

Projection Sorcery

This one, we’re extremely excited about. Spoiler ahead, but in the Shibuya Arc, we encounter an inherited cursed technique that uses–get this–animation frames. Like, the curse user weaponizes the concept of FPS (frames per second) to manipulate their opponents.

Manga readers know what I’m talking about. That guy. Even when the chapters came out and we literally saw the drawings, it was hella hard to imagine this quirk user’s technique in action. I predict that once the episode airs, we’re all going to collectively go “OHHH so that’s what it looks like.”


What comes after that? More violence, more incredible fight choreography, more power creep. What we hope stays constant is that MAPPA stays at the helm and keeps churning out gorgeous art and animation (without overworking their animators of course – true weebs know the industry can be merciless).

Maybe even another movie? God, another movie would be great.

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