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These Celebs Are Making Bank On OnlyFans

Onlyfans Celebrities, DJ Khaled and Fat Joe, Bella Thorne, Carmen Electra
Art by Macky Arquilla

OnlyFans officially launched in 2016, but it wasn’t until 2020 that NSFW content started to gain it some real traction. With COVID restrictions high across the world, it became a platform for sex workers to still earn from the safety of their quarantine-restricted sanctuaries. But hey, leave it to celebrities to exploit something for their own gain, too.

Celebrities with OnlyFans accounts are a dime-a-dozen, some cashing in on their sexuality and others exploring pay-only content that are suitable for work.

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe

Username: @djkhaledandfatjoe

Subscription: Free

DJ Khaled and Fat Joe joined forces for the good of the world. From the beginning, the two made it clear that there wouldn’t be anything particularly raunchy on their OnlyFans. In fact, their join account bio reads: “welcome to the LIGHT,” and offers motivational talks for their fans.

Bella Thorne

Username: @bellathorne

Subscription: Free (pay per post)

A week after she joined in August 2022, Bella Thorne cashed in over USD$2M from OnlyFans. It received some backlash from sex workers who claimed that Thorne was stealing their business, and she likewise apologized.

Carmen Electra

Username: @carmenelectra

Subscription: Free (pay per post)

You know her from Playboy and you know her from Baywatch, and now you can catch her OnlyFans. After her 50th birthday last year, Carmen Electra joined OnlyFans to reconnect with her fans. As a 90s sex symbol, it only seems fitting.

Blac Chyna

Username: @blacchyna

Subscription: USD$10/month

If her Instagram wasn’t enough content to check out, Blac Chyna offers “Foot-Freak Monday’s” to her weekly roundup on OnlyFans.

Austin Mahone

Username: @austinmahone

Subscription: Free (pay per post)

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter made his OnlyFans debut in 2020, saying in a statement that he was “excited to show my fans a different side of me than they may be used [to] seeing on my other social media accounts.”

Sami Sheen

Username: @samisheen

Subscription: USD$19.99/month

The daughter of Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards joined the platform sometime after her 18th birthday. Inviting people to “see exclusive content” on her page, Sami Sheen even has the support of her mom—who also joined the platform and cashes in USD$25/month per subscription.

Dan Benson

Username: @danbenson

Subscription: USD$20/month

After fighting to get his leaked nude photos wiped from the internet, Wizards of Waverly Place star Dan Benson realized it might be easier to stop arguing and just start charging.

Amber Rose

Username: @amberrose

Subscription: USD$5/month

Mostly posting NSFW photos, Amber Rose decided to bring herself “back to her roots” by launching her OnlyFans page. She clearly has no problem showing her boobs, but she has gone on the record to say that she will leave her vag “for her husband.”

Chris Brown

Username: @chrisbrownofficial

Subscription: USD$20/month

Unlike some of his musical contemporaries, Chris Brown hasn’t released any exclusive music on OnlyFans. He has, however, shared a picture of some suggestive print on a bodysuit.

Mia Khalifa

Username: @miakhalifa

Subscription: USD$12/month

While her stint as a porn actress was short, sweet and successful, Mia Khalifa likes to keep things a little raunchy to this day. Her OnlyFans bio makes it clear that she won’t be posting anything NSFW, but she does promise exclusive and “spicy” content for her subscribers.

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